the quality of life after tamoxifen

I just wish I created this Theme not for humour, threats or senseless chat. As I put in the first message of this theme I am looking for the women 35-40 who have simular diagnosis and want to continue their life healthy and even have children maybe. That’s mean if someone think that diet is rubbish and wine is good to enjoy life, that’s fine, but it’s another idea. Maybe for the theme “wine,humour and no diet after cancer”?

First of all “threats” was not my world. Please read messages.
So I can not say anything in the theme which I created myself and you can say to me that I am unfair, and should create another theme??? while you even don’t want to see why the topic was created and from whom world’s as “threat” come from. That’s crazy. I have to create another Topic, because now these theme is all not about it has to be at all. But I am afraid that even if to put more clear all the details for topic, there will be always people who will put their writing and will destroy the subject

Read your own post, Ann - it does contain the word “threats”!


If you don’t want people to state their opinions, don’t ask for them on a public forum!


In my experience, everyone here is trying to support one another and have free and open discussions, without any wish to censure, offend or upset. Sorry if we have “destroyed” “YOUR” thread! 


I sincerely hope you find the answers you are looking for, get past this horrible disease, and can move on with your life, however you want to live it. x



Sorry,have no time for arguments. As I mention before I was more then clear in the beginning if the theme.

Please read the thread from the beginning

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