the quality of life after tamoxifen

Dear all,

I am very  new on this site,so I aplogise if I didnt found the answer on this site yet…

Diagnosis: Hormondepended , h1neg, her2 neg,T1No Mo. I  just had a mastectomy. Next step is Tamoxifen. Althought doctors are sure about it, I am quite worry concerning side effects. Another reason which make me a bit suspicious is that I only see and hear women who taking Tamoxifen, but nothing from those who gone through that and feel healthy.

So, what I am trying to do is to find examples of women who had finished tamoxifen treatment ( 2 or 5 or 10 years) at their 40-43 y.o. and I wish to know their quality of life after.

will be happy to get an info/ Really important for me.

Thank you!


Hi AnnChizh, 

I am sorry to hear you are going through this anxious time.  I am sure some of our users will have experiences with Tamoxifen and be along to help answer some of your questions and show their support.

You may also want to take a look at our page on Tamoxifen to find out more information. You can find thishere.  

Please do call ourhelpline if you would like to chat, they can help you answer your questions and offer a friendly ear. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000 and the opening hours are below.

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Hiya Anna. I can understand you being concerned taking tamoxifen but its standard treatment and a lot of woman have no probs. I took it from 2004 to 2006 …only problem I did put on a bit of weight around middle. I then went on arimidex for three years …no after effects at all and its a very important part of the treatment if you can cope with it.
Hope this helps

Hiya Anna.
I was 51 when I got primary bc and so I had my family and obviously wasent planning children.
I put my trust in oncologist for the best treatment of my cancer. Everyone is different and its very much a personal choice as to what way you go with it.

Sure.But I put to my first post I am looking for a women age of around 40-43 who already finished their ramoxifen treatment. I am wondering of their quality of life.

AnnChizh I wonder if you might be better trying the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Network or the Living Beyond Breast Cancer area. I do know a number of people for whom Tamoxifen has not been an issue, but all have already had children.

Thank you very much Bibi44,
That’s a good advice to check that groups.

hi anna

I had breast cancer 10years ago and I was on tamoxifen for 5 years and they worked of luck. and the one thing. I will say  to remember we are all different and treatment work on me and may not work on others as well. I always took on board what my team would say don’t be afraid to ask if it does not suit can you try something different



Dear Susan,
I want to have children. And that’s why I am searching women if my age with the same diagnosis. Also,in my case there is no other option, but tamoxifen only.

…also,tamoxifen might produce another type of cancer ( one of side effects). So it might be too late to say “if it doesn’t work try something different”.

Thank you so much indeed, Seabreeze! That s really helpful. Yes I am thinking about 2 years…the risk of reoccurance probably have a connection with genetic test results as well…
The thing I am still wondering may it be possible to decide 20 MG for 10 morning and 10 eve, to avoid some stomach side effects.

Thank you so much Bondgirl!

Hi Seabreeze, yes I am going to bring the other 10mg in tonight, my GPs suggested this today as it might be easier on the body. I just want to get settled with it.  My prescription today was Activis not Teva, told her I was concerned about a different brand but she said try it as it may be better than Teva for me. 


Anyone on Activis? How are you on it?


Hi Charys my sister had a PE (DVT travelled to the lungs) & my mother a DVT. Onc asked the circs. Sister was on bed rest in hospital for 2 weeks & mother had just had an op. Onc said as long as there is a reason for their clots, your risk is no higher than average. You say he’s immobile, so that’s why it happened.

I was told to discontinue tamox for 2 weeks before any long haul flight 10 hours +, but not for Dubai (6-7 hours) or short haul & to get up a lot & do the leg exercises they recommend on board. Good luck for rads. BBxx

Dear Minniemoocher,
I am just wondering is it still possible to get fat while taking Tamoxifen if you eat just vegetable,fish,turkey,fruits,porridge,honey and drink only water and green tea? Nothing fried as well! Have you stick to any diet? What was your food ration when you get fat after Tamoxifen?
Thanks a lot,

Hi Minniemuooher,
Thanks for repIy.
Sounds like sort of no diet…"loads of "(?)…as I know you shouldn’t drink more then 1,5 liters. And nuts are not good if it’s hormone depended type of cancer…as for a chocolate it’s fine if it s black one. That’s just what I know…
however,check this with your onc.

Hi Charts
I am sorry a chocolate thing make you laugh so much. First of all it was a reply to the previous message and sort of advice. Another thing is that my weight is fine and I only don’t want to be bigger (for health as well). And,the main thing is that a diet is very important while you have hormondepended cancer, as many products contains or make more estrogen( which could make your cancer cells multiply).

Also if you read a conversation, you can see its about Diet not about just a chocolate. Anyway,I created this Theme "life quality after taking Tamoxifen"to collect and all experience for me and others who want to survive and be healthy,. but not to be criticised in the way you like.

Sorry for butting in on someone else’s thread but noticed two things that interested me: Wendy I’ve just had my first Zoladex injection & will start letrozole after second & was just wondering what side effects you’d had? I’ve felt a bit achy & bloated like I usually feel before my period starts - is that normal? And Ann I’ve started eating nuts as someone told me they were good for me but my BC is hormone positive & you say they are bad. Just wondering where you found out what foods are good & bad as would be interested to know. Anita x

Well said Jobey!

I am sick of articles in the press and online linking cancer to foodstuffs - either causes or cures. Most, if not all, have no scientific basis, with genuine independent research results, behind them.


The very fact that so many Vegas, vegetarians and other very diet conscious people pop up on these threads proves to me BC has little to do with diet and we should all just be a little less stressed (which IS proven to be detrimental to health!) especially about what we eat. Get your 5 a day. Avoid excess fat or sugar (but don’t avoid altogether as they are necessary in a balanced diet!) eat sensible sized portions of a variety of foods with a few treats now and then but, above all enjoy your food and what’s left of your life - none of us know how long that will be!!