The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire

The Questionnaire I have just accessed and completed the questionnaire. How very disappointing it was. It did not ask me what I wanted except in the very narrow confines of what BCC was prepared to provide, particularly in regard to contact buttons - I have to indicate yes or no to a solution re contact buttons that I find unsatisfactory.

There is also no area for ‘Any other comments’.

I think BCC are working very hard to NOT hear what we are trying to say, the narrow focus of the questionnaire unfortunately for me at least, reinforces this viewpoint.

i agree I have just completed the questionaire and was also surprised and disappointed that there was no area to place suggestions - I would have liked a thread to display links to our personal websites for example.
I am sure many members have ideas to improve accessibility and it would be nice to be given the opportunity to forward these.

WHY AGAIN? I thought we’d been through all this malarkey in the autumn of last year when we were invited to put forward our suggestions for the new site, very few of which were acted upon. It took persistent reminders and complaints to get things changed, one thing at a time, over a period of months.

Now we have this very short questionnaire for Breast Cancer Care to ignore and steam ahead again with their own ideas. I’m sorry to sound so cynical but we’ve been here so many times before. Many of us are now just losing interest in the site which is so sad because it has been a lifeline to us on our journey. It’s all very well for powers that be to think if the current subscribers desert the site, so what - there are lots more following on behind. The point is, we are all anxious that it be the best possible vehicle for future bc sufferers to get advice, support and lots of fun, an element which has been lost.

Please listen this time BCC.


Agree I posted on the “other” site my disappointment that there was no room on the questionnaire for any other comments.

I will say though that I am not about to give up on this site because it was SO useful to me from the beginning so I continue to use both (as do others I note).

It seems such a shame that this split has had to happen - we need each other so much.


I so agree I spend time on both sites - they both have something to offer. But I think it is very important that BCC should be seeking to provide the best possible environment for people to find answers and support here. Many of us went to the other site mainly for the contact (PM) buttons but we found more - it was fun to be there - we felt we got to know our “fellow travellers” on a more personal level in a safe environment - and it is very supportive, and offers chat room facility 24/7. It does not aim to provide all the resources and information that this site can. Surely BCC can take on board some of these ‘goodies’ and make this site more than just questions and answers?

the other site?


Some shortcomings…, … that i felt the questionnaire had, was that a coupe of the questions I wanted to answer differently to the options allowed - and no chance of choosing ‘other’ or such like. Also, when asked if we wanted to merge topics, we couldn’t actually specify which ones we would merge together - didn’t seem to make sense to me.

questionnaire This is my third attempt at this post. The first one I pressed go back to look at something and lost it all and the second I cant find anywhere - did my chemo brain really send it - so here goes again.

I dont think your questionnaire addresses enough of the issues about this site.

In particular - the question about do i want to see my posts - no - i know what there are - I need to know posts since I last visited as I can then quickly determine what is new - rather than having to go through each forum.

The search does not work. If I am looking for a post that I remember on a particular topic or by a particular author it is impossible to find as the search does not return enough finds or allow page forward. If by chance the one I am looking for comes up in that first 10 then you need to be Sherlock Holmes to find the thread - which is generally what you are looking for. The result of the search not working is that the same questions are being asked over and over again with valuable information being lost in the archive.


Me again I have also noticed how frequently the same topics come up with very often the same posters providing repeats of their previous replies.

Some of that could be down to the inexperience of new posters with this site - I spent a while browsing back about the things I wanted to know when I discovered this site, but a better search facility would make such a difference.

To see the posts since I last visited would be great rather than looking at everything and trying to remember what time it was when I was last here!


my complaint I agree the questionaire was inadequate. I would have liked to be able to make the following point:
The complaint I would like addressed is that when you reply to a topic, you can’t reread the posts in that thread as you reply. So for example when posted this morning on a thread on lymphoedema there were several issues brought up in other posts but I couldn’t actually remember all of them to address them in my reply. Even worse I couldn’t remember the names of the people who had posted on different issues so couldn’t refer to them personally which I think makes me seem rude or unfriendly.
Anyone else have this problem or do you all have photographic memories??!!!

Rowena What I sometimes do is minimize the postings, then type my response in windows, bring the posting back on screen if I want to check anything. Then copy and paste, it takes a bit longer but it works for me.

Does that make sense? I know what I mean.


questionnaire Hi Jan,
Thanks for the tip. I will try it next time.
love, Rowena