The results are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I went back to the hospital today for my results and had a bit of a shock. The small lump in the left breast turned out to be a 33mm mixed invasive ductual and lobular carcinoma but only a grade 1. However they did get clear margins.
In the right breast I was told it was a small DCIS low grade but that came back at 17mm grade 2 and I need further surgery as they didn’t get clear margins.
I was so flummoxed that I forgot to ask about vascular invasion or Her2 status.
I am booked in for further surgery on 21 June and guess I will be referred to oncologist following this. From what I have read there is a distinct possibility that Chemotherapy will be suggested due to the size of the tumour in the left breast.
What upsets me most is that they did not know from the biopsy that it was a mixed lobular tumour as they would have carried out a pre operative MRI as there is a high risk of additional tumours in the same and opposite breast which are not easily detected by MRI.
When I asked if I should have an MRI they said that was reasonable but that as I have had surgery now I would need to wait for 4-6months for that to settle!!!
It feels like the waiting is going to go on and on and on and on!!!

Hi Sharon,
I can’t give any advise on the operatove side of this, maybe they didn’t know the types and size until after your op and that’s why they didn’t send you for an MRI??
I would give your BCN a call on Monday and talk it through with her, she might be able to gve you some more information and advice.
Just know that we are all here to support you.
Take Care