The Secondary Christmas Drop in, Christmas Eve Party Thread.

Thats beautiful Tracey…strength in numbers xxxx

I’ve just popped in Chocolates. …and left another bottle of Baileys just in case you run out…oh and I’ve stocked up with more ice cubes! Nite nite xxx

Heres wishing all you lovely ladies a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year. Now sit back,relax and enjoy your favourite tipple with your loved ones:womantongue:



Afternoon ladies, wishing you all a happy, healthy festive christmas.
I am breaking with tradition this year and having turkey and all the trimmings this evening, just me the oh and our daughter and her boyfriend. We have a lot of visiting to do crimbo day so we are going to relax with a take away curry tomorrow night :slight_smile:

Good afternoon everyone
Just dropping in to wish all of you lovely ladies a happy and as healthy a Christmas as possible as you share this special time with the special people in your life.
Let the festivities begin!
LD x

Hello ladies! Dropping in for a quick 5 mins, a sit by the cosy fire and looking at the twinkling lights. Im having a break from making my trifle and have a small glass of baileys in my hand…my next door neighbour and good friend has just popped in to join me in one as she goes to her daughters later.
Raising my glass to you all and wishing you a very Merry Xmas and a better healthier New Year for us all! (Helen. Hope youre feeling better). CHEERS MY GOOD FRIENDS ?? xxxxx

PS: Saw Onc at clinic today…examined my chest…sent me for xray…i still have the chest infection! So more antibiotics, a course of steroids for my breathing (prednisolone)and … NO CHEMO on Saturday! Deferred till next friday! xxx

Hello Belinda, thanks so much for the coffee and mince pie. Delicious! They finally let us go at 3.30-nearly a full day as I start at 8.00 and finish at 4.00pm. Oh well, at least I’m out now and can join you all later. Hugs, Barton.x

Sorry ladies that was NOT a space station it was Father Christmas on an early run. My kids went outside to watch him pass here in North Devon. I had my hands stuffed inside a turkey at the time so missed him!! 


I would like to add my Christmas wishes to all you ladies out there hoping you all have a wonderful day. Love Vickyxx

Hello everyone…just here to wish everyone a happy Christmas. Nearly got everything done…just need to finish off the trifle in the morning, to take with us when we go to our daughter’s for lunch.

No alcohol for me this evening - reflux putting paid to that. However had a nice mug of horlicks and am in my comfy chair…

A big thankyou for all the support and info that I have received from so many of you…raising my mug to you all… tomorrow it will be a glass of bubbly…

Just popping in to wish you all a Merry Christmas.



Oh Helen that put a smile on my face. Makes me wonder where SB is though?!!! Xx

Hope everyone is having a lovely day. :slight_smile: Merry Christmas All. X X

 Sorry I missed you yesterday evening.  My laptop had developed a fault but I now have a reconditioned one to get me through to New Year. The shop will then put my files onto this one if old one not working.

Also I had been mixing my Jelly Babies - Yellow - Gin & a slice, Green - Vodkha & lime, Orange - Cointreau.

Purple - Casis, Red - Mulled Wine and clear - Forgotten!!!

I had been out earlier in the evening to a church service at a local Rest Home, and I still get very tired recovering from the complications of surgery.

The acites has stopped leaking through the scar line and is being absorbed by the body, I rang Onc’s sec on Tues because I had put on 1/2 Stone in a week and girth had increased, I am eating but not that much!!

Got a call back and see Onc next Monday 29th - It will be good to know the timescale of going back on  chemo and which one this time.

Many thanks to all you wonderful ladies who have helped me stay positive. Thankyou for the encouragement to get PIP at higher rate, it came through while I was in Hospital. So good to be able to keep heating on as I live in an old house and to be able to get taxis even just for short journeys.


Merry christmas ladies
Hope you all have wonderful day!!!
hugs Janette x x x

Mixing the Jelly Babies and cold Lamb and Toblerone for breakfast…ha glad everyone is enjoying themselves. :slight_smile: x