The Secondary Christmas Drop in, Christmas Eve Party Thread.

Thought I had better start this sooner than later, Christmas is fast approaching. :slight_smile:
If you are not a reader of the bone mets thread just to let you know some of us had the idea of a Christmas drop in thread for us Secondary posters with an online Christmas Eve party. So if you want to celebrate or express your worries and concerns over Christmas this thread, here, may be helpful?
Mince Pies, Baileys, Prosecco, Teas and Coffees are in the corner by the log fire, please do take a seat, I’ve just lit the tree…twinkle twinkle.

What a lovely idea ladies, the support you show each other is wonderful.  Keep up the good work.:smileyvery-happy:

Best wishes to you all.

Jo, Moderator

Oh Belinda, how cozy is that fire, baggsie the the seat right next to it :slight_smile: think we should also get some mulled wine on the go too!!!
Hugs Janette x x x

Aww Helen, when i read your post about Bing on piano singing White Christmas it brought a lump to my throat!!! Now that is a real christmas song/video!!!
Hugs Janette x x

PS are we arranging a certain time to all raise a glass to our special cyber friends? X

Oooh chocolates…gingerbread men are yummy!
Can i settle by the log fire too with a glass of mulled wine and breathe in the scent of pine needles and cinnamon?
Nothing nicer than snuggling up and watching Its a Wonderful Life. The great Jimmy Stewart… aaah.
This Xmas the line “every time a bell rings an Angel gets his wings” is even more moving…

Followed by big belly laughs of Chevvy Chase in National Lampoons Xmas Vacation. Watch it every year and still laugh just as loud!
Here’s to us all and may we gather round this log fire again next year. ???

Helen…love and hugs and… here…im passing you your glass of mulled wine so we can raise our glasses to those lovely lost angels while watching the snowflakes fall. Cheers! :snowman::snowman:

Oh the gingerbread men look pretty and it’s ages, five minutes, since I ate a mince pie, thank you, yum. :wink:
A Christmas tree in a church near me has little paper hearts you can write on in memory of a loved one and hang on a branch. It’s always covered in hearts very quickly.
Christmas films, I love The Snowman and showing my age, the Christmas episode of The Good Life when Harrods doesn’t deliver Margo and Jerry’s complete Christmas order, food, drinks.
Is anyone Christmassy reading? Somehow some children’s classics, The Railway Children, Heidi and The Secret Garden fell into my Amazon basket for me. A distraction from a January Onc appointment.
Have to say DC makes a lovely fluffy scrambled egg on buttery toast!

Belinda… i remember that episode of The Good Life well …so funny. They dont make comedies like that anymore! Remember all the Two Ronnies and Morecambe and Wise xmas specials too?
Xmas holidays always seemed to last longer then xxxxxx

Hi girls!  Great idea :slight_smile: tho I almost missed this thread, I wonder if BCC mods could make it a temporary sticky thread?? (and let’s have a toast to those BCC techies who make this Forum possible, they deserve a peaceful Christmas too.)

Cards are written (mostly) and starting to come in, good to read news of friends and family far and near.  Cake made (good old Delia) marzipanned but not yet iced, there’ll be plenty for you all on Christmas Eve.  Found collection of seasonal CDs, so here’s some background music: John Rutter, Carols from King’s College Chapel, arrangements by a lovely harpist from Eastbourne including “Walking in the Air” from “The Snowman”, good old Cliff… mistletoe (used by some as an anticancer treatment) and wine :), on the day before Saviour’s Day, we’ll raise up our glasses and drink to the King…

Hi All

I’ve made this thread sticky as suggested by mrsblue.  (Thank you for your good wishes)

Best wishes


BCC Moderator

I’d love to join in - just being home for Christmas is great. They had thought I may need to go to a nursing home. Just to be able to be with cyber friends in comfort of own home is sooooo worth it.


Hi chocolates…just dropping in for a hot cocoa as i cant sleep either. Will also light a little candle but for my dad if i may who we lost 2 years ago.
Welcome cakelady. Lots of celebrating to be done. Its ny hubby’s birthday too on xmas eve so we’ll all share some birthday cake as well as the xmas cake!
Lots of love xxxxxx

Hi ladies, early roll call for me too, my cold worse today, feel like i have been hit over the head with a sledge hammer!! No work for me today so is it ok if i cosy up next to the fire with a hot lemon and some vick!!
The candle idea is lovely chocolate, can i light one for my dad how i lost 10yrs ago it would have been his 68th birthday today.
Hi cakelady, sorry you have had to join us but your very welcome.
Love and hugs Janette x x

Hello everyone! Joining you in the party room. I have brought Christmas yummy nibbles (M&S). There are some truly lovely desserts too. Help yourselves. I’ll have a crumpet and hot chocolate if I may. Mmmmm! Fantastic. Thanks to all for food, candles (I’ll light one for my Mum if I may. She died of cancer , although not breast cancer,

Hello everyone! Joining you in the party room. I have brought Christmas yummy nibbles (M&S). There are some truly lovely desserts too. Help yourselves. I’ll have a crumpet and hot chocolate if I may. Mmmmm! Fantastic. Thanks to all for food, candles (I’ll light one for my Mum if I may. She died of cancer, although not breast cancer, in January 2001, the exact same day as her mother, my grandmother- so perhaps will light 2 small ones if I may) tree and decorations. Dig in to the desserts everyone! They, too, are calorie free. Hugs to everyone. Barton.x

Yes, yes indeed, bring on the candles!  They can be so meaningful… remembering those who sadly are no longer with us, (I’ll be lighting my real pink-and-black candle on 24th though might not make it to the online party). Even one small candle can shine brightly in a world, or a life, that can be dark as we all know.  … especially any who have had difficult news recently.


This year, I’ve lit a candle almost every day since the clocks changed.  Each time I strike a match I am thankful that I can still do this safely!  Clinic earlier this week was a mixed bag of results (PET scan and bloods) but good news that I can stay on capecitabine for now.  It’s my choice not to drink alcohol on my tablet weeks, I’ll be week-on for Christmas but week-off for New Year… and someone else is cooking the Christmas dinner :slight_smile:

I love this room though I will have a nice cup of tea while I watch the snow .I am glad I dont have to go out in it as it is cold and wet and makes you fall on your bum . I will also light some candles one for my mum and one for my dad . My mum had bowel cancer my dad just faded slowly  after my mum died .Barton it is strange when you said about your mum and grandmother . My mum and mother-in-law both died on the same date though years apart .My maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather both died on the same very same day and we have just found out that my dad and his brother both died on the same date only 60 years apart .Three dates that I may just wrap myself in cottonwool and stay in bed !!! Good news though saw the onc today and everything looking okay so bone strengthening jab in 4 weeks and no onc for 8 weeks . Also made initial  start to see about getting my remaining boob off cann,t wait I,ll be able to have a pert small matching pair instead of one huge wrinkly one that is heading south .I’ve had huge boobs since I was in primary school and have always hated them bring on a small pair even if they will be knitted knockers !!!Wishing you all a good nights sleep .Vicky  xxx 

Morning all…breakfast sounds delicious belinda! If only i had an appetite! Now lost 6lb in last 2 weeks. …just dont feel hungry at all. Lets hope it improves a bit in time for my xmas lunch.
may pop in for some quiet time later xxxxx

I’m popping in to sit by the fire and have a warm jammy croissant. Need peace and quiet as just opened a Christmas card from a friend I’ve not seen since this time last year who says she’s heard I’ve had a health scare but pleased I’m on the mend. It doesn’t take much to upset me so will sit quietly and ponder and then put on my happy face and carry on as normal just like we all do.
LD x