The Silent Battles you fought

The silent battles you fought

There were series of hardships

Yet you chose to hang in there

There were plenty of sleepless nights

Yet you pretended to be lively and energetic

There were many toxic people who gave you emotional stress

Yet you didn’t lose an ounce of your courage

There were new challenges with each sunrise

Yet you tried your best to retain your beautiful smile

There were more heartbreaks than ever expected

Yet you continued being optimistic

There were tears that longed to secure their place in your eyes

Yet you maintained your composure

There was helplessness that choked you from beneath

Yet you didn’t let your will power to fade

There were times when you were on the verge of breaking down

Yet you remained strong in that vulnerable situation

There was period when nothing was going your way

Yet you pushed yourself with small efforts and stayed motivated

Amid the smog of negativity, thunderstorm of nuisance and cyclone of nervousness

You fought the silent battles fiercely and fearlessly

Kinjal Sanghavi