The Sun Is Out

Good morning everyone two-legged and four!
The sun is out this morning (might even need the old suncream)
Wellies can be put away for the moment think I might be pushing my luck to put the old bikini on (then again who am I trying to kid) that old bikini would never fit me.

After my tea and toast, I am going to sweep some of the leaves of the drive then pop into town for provisions, even us country bumpkins have to visit the smoke every know and again, my smoke being a small town of about 2000 people (the only crowds here are cows and sheep).

Wishing everyone a good day no matter what you are doing - stay strong all you lovely ladies. I have topped up the sweet dish so please drop in and grab some

Love and HUGE HUGS

Poppy and the useless cat family xxxx

Nice to see the sun but not quite sure it’s bikini weather !!! I’m in North Lancs can see the Lakes from my bedroom window - have some beautiful sunsets .
Can we have a savoury snack bowl too - this time of year always get a big tub of cheese footballs !