The supplements for night sweats after chemo

Hi  all

i am having a  truly terrible night sweats(probably due to the hormones) after the  chemo treatment. I am not on any hormone treatment as yet. Has anyone know of any suplemments, which would help and will not increase the estrogen?thank you so much!

It’s been a while, but I had sage supplements suggested to me by one of the chemo nurses. Not sure they helped me, but sometimes you just need to try anything!

Hi Svedija

My sympathies on the night sweats. You might try talking to your GP as there is some medication that can be tried for hot flushes which might lessen the might sweats also.  For the flushes I used a relaxation/imagery technique.  As soon as one began, I would sit down, relax, focus on my breathing, and imagine I was on a frozen lake during a blizzard.  I would dip into a hole in the ice-covered water then come out wet and feel the wind freezing me. It seemed to get rid of the flush really quickly. They went away eventually.  Good luck with it all