The things people say!

This was said to me by one of my best friends “Because your boobs are not very big then the lump can’t be that big can it?”
Speechless but I still had a giggle at the daftness behind it. what’s the most stupid or daftest comment that you have had.

There’s a really good threa somewhere here called “stupid things non-cancer people say” (or thereabouts). It had me in stitches.
I’m 3 months post rads and have just been booked in for my 1 yr mammo in February next year. The “best” comment I’ve had so far is my sister, a qualified nurse and trainee doctor, who said she thought a mammogram was “pointless after all the tests you had last year before your surgery”. Apparently I’m now immune to another cancer or a recurrence… If only!
Lisa xx

thanks I will look for it, could do with a laugh.

One of my neighbours - who is admittedly - a bit dippy at the best of times, was used to seeing me lob sided when out in the garden. One day she saw me out with my prosthesis in and said: “Oh, has it grown again”!!