The Unsurvivors

Hi Absolutely hate the name,

What is the Breast Cancer Now thinking of.

The name The Unsurvivors is very distressful,it’s a very Negative name to be using when we are living in hope that one day there will be a cure,but you have written us off.

We live with this awful disease every single day,soon as we open our eyes in the morning the first thing that comes into our minds now is We are not going to survive,thanks for the reminder.

You have stigmatised us.

I think there should have been a couple of names put to us Secondary Ladies and men,before using this horrible name.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Now?

I know the campaign is to hit hard,but you have to think about who you are trying to aim the campaign at.

Breast Cancer Now, is FEAR and HOPE.

UNSURVIVORS FEAR AND NO HOPE you may as well put that in you campaign.




I understand the need to use emotive language as it garners interest and hopefully then action. BUT would like to ask the campaign organisers if there was any discussion with met bc people and what their thinking behind this campaign title is. 
My first and gut reaction to this name is that it shows no regard to those who will now feel they bare the title ‘unsurvivor’. 
Perhaps someone else has a more positive view point?? 

It’s a message.

for too long we have all been expected to face up to cancer as a ‘journey’.

its a small word for a huge heap of differing conditions and outcomes.

we aren’t survivors and it’s not cos we’re not big enough or brave to bounce back.

cancer is not the worst thing that’s happened to me but never having the chance of a cure is…