The wait is agonisingly.

So I discovered a lump about 5 weeks ago not unusual for me but this one was hard, large and not painful. You know when it is something different. So went to gp asked me to wait 2 weeks and if still there return. oh how I wished it would disappear. So i returned i was surprised thst the gp reasurred me that she doubtef it was anything to worry about but she wpuld srnd me to get it checked out. So on Wednesday I visited the breast imaging department having only been there a year earlier. Mammograms completed then the ultra sound and then 6 vacum biopsies in my breast and under my arm and a marker inserted. More mammograms. Now a two week wait. This bit is the worse. I have made the mistake of searching the web convinced myself it is not going to be good news . Today 2 days on sat in hospital with husband who is having a cystopy for bladder cancer couldn’t write it really.

Hi Mainowl,
I totally sympathise with you the waiting I’m finding is the killer, you are in limbo land.
I’ve recently been diagnosed and know I need chemo and a mastectomy. Waiting to go for a C T scan on the 14th then will be more waiting for the result which will be scarey.
I’m finding this forum really comforting as only ladies who have travelled this journey really now how it feels.
Rotten your husband is unwell but that’s life isn’t it just when you think things are going well life goes pear shaped!
Hoping your husbands recovery is speedy and you get a good outcome. Keep positive and we’re there for you when you need it.

Lots of love

Hi Mama Tony, Oh my gosh more waiting for you. You poor thing.Thank you for replying at last someone esle who understands. I get so frustrated inwardly as when you tell people they just say you’ll be fine ( grrr they don’t know that), don’t worry ( grrr I try but it is my every thought when I am not busy) focus on the positive ( try having this and your will find it difficult.). I believe I know something is there my appointment was so different to my other appointments and was in the ultra sound about an hour.
My husband’s scan was clear one less worry. Now he has ultra sound for his testes as he found a lump. Bizarre but Darren tends to only check himself when I find a lump .
My 13 year old son is wobbly.
When is your chemo due to start? Thinking of you.Mainowlx

Hi Mainowlx,

Sorry just replying. I had my CT scan today, bit of a weird feeling when they inject the dye. I was warned it could feel like I had a bladder accident and it totally did☺️ Thank goodness was all fine and hadn’t humiliated myself!

Now the waiting and worrying until the 28th fir the results. I am off on holiday for a few days with my daughter and friend so great distraction for me.

Finding people are feeling a bit awkward around me now and don’t know what to say except that it will all be fine. Meanwhile inside I am worrying about the chemo and my hair and nails falling out etc. Hard for others to understand who are not travelling the same road, that’s why this forum is so great.

On a positive note I’ve done lots of research and have my chemo bag all ready with the bits I’ll need so I am ready to fight the fight ??

How are you and your husband keeping, hope some positive news?

Lots of love

Hi Mamatony, Well its 5.30am and I sat up because today’s the day, six weeks of agonising waiting and this afternoon I will find out my results. That is after my barium xray for another condition.
My husband’s bladder scan was clear, ultra sound found 2 cysts on his testes need further investigation and awaiting results of kidney ct scan. He had the same sensation.
A holiday sounds like the medication you need. Ensure you enjoy it. Off anywhere nice? Funny enough I was just looking at breaks as feeling we need some family time together.
What is in your chemo bag? I didn’t know your nails could come out with chemo. You are always finding out something new on here.
Before I was in this situation it never occurred to me how insensitive people can be. I don’t think they mean it, like you say they just don’t know what to say i. If I hear it will be okay, your be fine, don’t worry. I will scream.
Enjoy your time away. Lots of Love Mx