The 'Wait' take 2

Hi again all.Sorry if this is a long one.I posted last month about a lump I had found,and subsequently went to clinic,where I was treated appallingly.I put in a complaint,along with my GP (who has been wonderful).
Just before Christmas,I got a phone call from the consultants secretary,who invited me to go and meet the consultant to discuss issues-that afternoon!I was terrified!But off we went,and I must say I was proud of myself :).
At the time,I felt as though the consultant totally ignored the fact I had a lump-it was never asked about or examined.Turns out there may be a reason/excuse as to why it was overlooked-when I got to the clinic,I was taken straight into the mammo room.A long wait later,I was taken into the scan room,where the focus was on the opposite breast to where my lump is.Consultant revealed that they saw something suspicious on the non-lump breast,but turned out to be just a badly taken picture.So I was told to leave,and that I just had ‘lumpy’ breasts.At the time,when I question it,she also stated the bruise-like mark over my lump was ‘probably from a seatbelt’(even though she didn’t look at it).She denied this at the meeting.She admitted she hadn’t examined the lump.She almost blamed the radiologist,saying the scan lady ‘is very enthusiastic’ about her job,and after looking at the mammo pictures,was keen to get that interesting breast scanned!
Anyhow,my GP re-referred me to another hospital,and yesterday I received my appointment for Monday.All I want is for someone to actually look at the lump and acknowledge it and,hopefully,say its normal.I have heard good reports about this clinic and how they treat ladies,so fingers crossed it will be a better experience (I know no-one wants to have to go to these clinics,but hope you know what I mean).
Thankyou for taking the time to trawl through my ramblings,and for all your support,
best wishes,

Good luck on Monday, and I hope you get the sort of care you should have got the first time.

Hi all,well I went for my appointment,and the experience was so different,lovely and caring and very thorough.Wish I’d gone to that hospital first time lol.
Good news is I had a scan,and nothing sinister showed up.Not so good news is she doesn’t know what it is.I have to go back in 6 weeks time to see if its improved-if not,she’ll stick a needle in.
Feeling alot more reassured and positive.

Glad to hear this appt went well. Good news it showed nothing sinister! Hope it all settles down before next appt.
Best wishes,