The waiting for the results is the worst

Hi - I found a lump under my right armpit near to my breast about two weeks ago, went to the doc who in turn referred me to a breast clinic where I went for a mammogram followed by a scan, in which the doc found three lumps in my right breast. Had a needle biopsy last Thursday, which made me very nervous and tearful, in fact I’ve been crying on and off since then, imagining the worst! I have to wait until next Thursday for the results and this is really making me feel terrible. On top of that I live in the South of France and feel quite isolated because I don’t speak French fluently, just conversational, and I am hoping someone will read this who is in a similar position that I can talk to.

You’re right, the waiting is the worst. Even if it’s bad news, knowing that and what the plan is for your treatment is better.

RE France, there was a thread on here a while ago by people living in France, but my chemo brain won’t let me remember what category it was under. You could try having a search, or post a thread with France in the title to see if that will bring them out!

Until Thursday, all I can suggest is to keep busy so that your mind doesn’t race too far ahead - it might not be bc for you.


sorry to hear that you are having to go through all this…:frowning:

i know there are a couple of people on here who live in France - one uses the name Peacock

Hi Ginnyg

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, I’m sure you’ll get lots of support from the many informed users of this site.

BCC’s helpline is open to you even though you are in France the overseas number to call is (+44) 2076 200077 Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm (UK time). Do phone, the staff are here to support you, you’re not alone.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Ginny - Im in a very similar position to you - only I am in Spain, different Country but smae difficulties with language etc. I have “met” a few more women who live in Spain on this site and this past week they have been a godsend to me - I am sure you will similar support from others who are living in France. Plus of course EVERYONE on here is so supportive and helpful. I go for my biopsy this Wednesday dont know when I will get any results though,.

JO … can I ask am I able to speak to the helpine too ? I wasnt sure given that I am here in Spain ? Im hoping my results from Wednesday will be fine (everything crossed!!) but just in case it would be good to know that there is someone at the end of a telephone should I need to talk.

Best of luck Ginny - hope all goes well for you, Sue x

Hi Sue,

Yes of course, please do use the helpline, the overseas number is above for you. Hope they can support you in this.

Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

The worst happened and my results were positive and I have already seen my doctor in France and have an appointment with a professor at Montpellier hospital on Monday.
I just can’t stop crying and I feel really bad, aching all over, nauseas and really tired - please can someone tell me if this is normal. My next biggest fear is to find out if it has spread! I just don’t know what to think and my head is so scrambled - I just need help in finding ways to overcome my fears and anxieties. My family keep phoning and they are very supportive but I cry on the phone to them and it upsets them. I just want help - sorry to be so depressing but I just can’t snap out of this feeling.

Bahons and pineapple are also in France so try a pm to those names.

Hi Ginny
Sorry you’re here but welcome to the forum. You’ll get a lot of support.

You’ve had a massive shock and it’s no wonder at all that you’re feeling really awful. It’s totally normal. All of us that have been where you are now went through something similar. We all react a bit differently but this time that you are at is one where you feel terrified, confused, angry, maybe determined to beat it, maybe not at that point yet, and it comes out in physical ways too, just like you’re describing. Some people can’t eat, can’t sleep, or can’t stop sleeping, might get headaches, feel sick, loads of things.

It sounds a strange thing to say, but don’t worry about feeling awful, and the crying is totally normal. Of course you’re worried that it’s spread. We all do, and you don’t get any real relief from that till you’ve had the surgery and they can tell from that, then you know what you’re dealing with or what you don’t have to deal with. The waiting is the worst part, at diagnosis, waiting for surgery results, waiting for your treatment to start. It’s one big waiting game, and you can feel pretty powerless which doesn’t help.

Time passing will help you here, and your appointment on Monday will be a big help too. But it’s time really. As each day passes you work it through in your head more, and eventually you’ll get to a point where you can deal with what’s happening. You’ll still be worried, scared even, till you get your full results and know what your whole treatment will be, but you do find your own way of accepting that this has happened, you need to deal with it, and that you will beat it. I know it doesn’t feel like that to you just now, but it will.

Try and take it one step at a time, don’t leap ahead thinking about things that might never happen. Really hard to do, I know, but it does help. Focus on your appointment on Monday first, then focus on what your doc says needs to happen next, then the next step, and the once after that. What you could do just now is right down all the questions that are running through your head. You’ll forget things on Monday, so having them written down will help. And it doesn’t matter how daft the questions are. You need to feel you know what your situation is and that you can get answers, so keep asking. And ask here too. Everybody has been where you are, or is going through the same, or is here for somebody who is. We’ll help all we can.

But! Don’t go reading ahead into posts on treatment etc until you feel stronger. Everybody is different, and some people are going through some tough times and tough treatment. That won’t necessarily happen to you, and you’ll worry yourself sick if you read too much. We’ve all done it, and all gone Eeek!

So, don’t feel you need to snap out of how you’re feeling just now, but do try and breathe, be calm, let yourself accept that this is happening, and focus on how much you are determined to beat this thing completely. You can do it. :slight_smile:

Keep posting, keep asking. Oh, I had surgery on Christmas Eve, no spread thankfully, and am now two months into 7 months of chemo, then I get radiotherapy, then drugs for a few years. Been there, done it, still doing it! :smiley:

Hi Ginny … thinking of you and hope you are ok today. I have been “off” the computer for a few days so only reading your posts today. Before I read this one I had already sent you a private message.

Im glad that you have your daughter with you this week as Im sure she will be a great support to you.

Just be how YOU need to be at the moment, and dont worry or think about anyone else or how it may make them feel - Im sure you will receive a lot of support and listening ears on here Ginny as always, use it as much as you need to.

Take good care and I´ll keep in touch,
Sue xxxxx

Dear Ginny, so sorry to hear about your dx. It really is a horrible time and we have all been through the panic and shock of it all. The waiting is the worse, try and focus on each day as it happens and try not to rush ahead and think the worse because it really doesn’t help stress levels. You’ll get a lot of support on this site.
Good luck

Hi Ginny

I am sure you have lots of things going on at the moment, but I just wanted to send you a quick message to say I am thinking about you and hoping you are coping with everything thats happening.

I wont hassle you with messages etc - but I hope you know that I, and everyone else on here, is here for you if you need us.

Sue xxxxx