The waiting game

Hi all, first time poster here.

A bit of background, probably a little over a month back I came back from an exercise class and happened to catch a glance of my boobs in the mirror as I was removing my sports bra. I noticed a bit of dimpling which I initially put down to my sports bra being too tight and digging in. Of course I did also cop a feel of myself to feel for lumps but couldn’t feel anything. 

After monitoring things for a few weeks (now regretting waiting) I did then feel what seemed to be a smallish lump so got myself in at the GP and got a referral. On the day I was supposed to get my screening done…I got COVID! So had to postpone my appointment. The anxiety got the better of me so as soon as I was testing negative again I called the screening team and managed to get a cancellation appointment a little sooner than the rearranged appointment. 

Yesterday I attended the appointment and well, it turned out not as I’d hoped. I’d been telling myself I was paranoid because I’d unfortunately had a friend who succumbed to BC at the age of 33. I’d also had a fibroadenoma in the past too so had been convincing myself it would be nothing. However at the appointment it went from you’re too young for a mammogram (39) to being called straight in for one. Then I was called back for another mammogram so they could get a better view of the whole breast by getting the machine moving around the area. I understood that didn’t sound good. Followed by ultrasound and biopsies where I was told there was not one lump but two (sounds like I’m talking about sugar cubes haha). 

Went in to the registrar after all of this in a bit of a daze to be told that the lumps do look suspicious. One of them is apparently about 2cm and the other just in front is much smaller. Apparently they were quite impressed that I’d even spotted the lump in the first place because of its size. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of lymph node involvement at this stage.

So now I’m waiting. Next appointment is scheduled for the 7th June providing the results are ready then because of the upcoming bank holidays. I was asked if I had any questions yesterday but I was shell-shocked and it’s only now that I’m having lots of questions popping into my head. Not least of which is how high are the chances of lymph nodes becoming involved during this wait?

On a lighter note, while sat in bed this morning still trying to get to grips with what has happened, I’ve had a letter from my GP practice to say I’m due for my cervical smear. Timing couldn’t be worse but couldn’t help but laugh when my husband showed me the letter. I mean talk about timing . I’m still going to get myself booked in of course. If this experience has taught me anything it’s definitely to not delay!

So yeah, that’s me. Not sure where I was really going with all of this but I guess I’m hoping to connect with anyone else who is in a similar boat right now or anyone who just has any pearls of wisdom

Hi, Sorry that you find yourself in this position and hoping that your outcome is not as bad as your imagining. I found my lump in December and had mammogram / ultrasound and biopsy done 29th Dec - so had to wait 2 weeks for the results, again due to the Bank Holidays, delays over Christmas / New Year etc.   I have also just had my smear test done - timing eh? 

The waiting is so hard.  Did they give you any contact numbers to speak to in the meantime?  I would recommend having a pad / pen with you and when these questions come make a note of them, especially if it’s at 3am - it can help to stop your mind from whirling everywhere.  Your thoughts and feelings are all over the place right now and you will have a whole host of questions / emotions etc.

Also worth giving the Helpline here a call. I have spoken to them and found them very helpful. It can be a real benefit to just speak to someone and be reassured that what your feeling right now is normal. 

Sending you positive thoughts for your results appointment x 

So I got my results on Tuesday and I’ve been told that I do have cancer. Weirdly I felt a strange relief at having a definitive answer although I’m already starting to find myself going back to fretting mode.

I was told that my cancer is stage 1 with a grade 1 and grade 2 lump so I’m getting the impression that this is an early catch but I was warned that the grade can change between the biopsy and the actual tumour removal so this is now one of my newer concerns. We don’t know the specific type of cancer I have yet either.

I’m being referred for a mastectomy and reconstruction so more waiting now. How quickly do things move from diagnosis to surgery for folks? Appreciate that it might be different depending on where you live. I live in the North West of England myself.