The waiting gets worse

Had biopsy on Sunday after being told by 2 consultants the lump is suspect and being asked if I understand what they are saying. At first I was okay but was told I would be seen again on 21st June and as the 21st approaches I am getting more and more tearful is this normal … if anything about this whole situation is normal x thank you

Hi Sue, Yes your absolutely normal! The waiting is the pits and as many of us here will tell you it’s the worst part of all of this! As you have found they will be totally honest with you if they suspect there is a problem but they don’t always get it right so until you have a definite diagnosis try not convince yourself of the worst. I’m over two years on from diagnosis and treatment now and can assure you things will not be as you fear , breast cancer is very treatable for the majority and life will get back to normal , it may not seem it now but you will cope if you are diagnosed and there is plenty of support across the forum here if you need it Xx Jo 

Thank you jo just feel like I am in some sort of surreal bubble and unable to break out and I need to know what if anything I am dealing with x thank you for taking the time to reply x

No, Sue, nothing is normal at the moment, and yes, it is surreal. I am half way through my chemo, but remember very clearly being told it looked like cancer and could biopsies be done . Of course, until you get the pathology results you can’t be certain. So that’s something to hang onto. I afraid it’s very much a waiting game from now on, but once you get a treatment plan you will feel very much more in control. In the meantime, stay busy, keep active and eat well in preparation for what  may  be ahead. Any questions you need answering come on here, not Google . Also, just one step at a time . Good luck. X

Thank you Annie for your reply have avoided google and in all honesty going to work at a school with 700 teenagers is definitely a distraction, seems to affect me most at 5 am when I have been waking and unable to get back to sleep x good luck with your chemo and thanks again

The waiting is appalling-I have had a week of scans,blood tests,biopsies,mammograms and an ultrasound and do not honestly know how I have got through it.This forum has been a god send and has really helped-I would have lost without it.You imagine all sorts when you are waiting for results and swing from being positive one minute to expecting that you have a month to live,the next.Keeping busy helps-and so does coming on here to chat.I had been very panicky earlier in the week,but felt a bit more positive today.Keep drinking plenty of fluids and try to eat regularly as well,even if you don’t feel like it.Sending love and hugs-you are not alone xxx

Bolly thank you for sharing and yes this forum is a blessing but with a double edge to it people are fab for sharing and supporting but sad so many people need too x good luck to you and thanks again xx

Aagh is all I can say right about now sorry folks having a bit of a downer today think it is a result of my hospital appointment confirmation letter x

So my appointment is tomorrow and I will actually be relieved to get the appointment over and done with now I have been on a complete emotional rollercoaster my poor husband does not know from day to day if he will be coming home to "Suzy home maker’ or a quivering wreck bless him x

Sending a hug. I have bone scan today and results appointment Thursday 22nd. Hopeach you get some positive news. X

Thank you for your replies xx good luck

Just got a copy of the letter that has been sent to my doctor saying suspicious lump and tethering to skin so glad my appointment is this afternoon now going slightly mad I think x