The waiting is awful.

Really struggling with the waiting. Is it normal to have mood swings that swing for merry to monster in a heartbeat?
Thanks Bronagh

I’m afraid that the waiting is the absolute pits, Bronagh.  We have all struggled with it, or are continuing to struggle with it. . . .it plays very cruel tricks with your head.  If you can find a way to get through the day, for myself, even before BC, I have always found walking lifts my mood - because I see things, talk to other people walking their dogs ( I don’t have a dog) ), go to the park and feed the wildlife . . . . it reminds us also that people were meant to live in communities, in my opinion?


The Forum is brilliant because it never closes - and the park closes at night, haha  -  but keep coming here whenever you need - there will always be someone to bounce off, or posts that you read that just resonate with you.  Hugs aplenty xxx



It is a totally natural feeling, your emotions are all over the place at the moment so please do not worry about it.  THats the beauty of this forum you can come on here rant, rave, cry and even laugh, honestly you can


Sending you hugs



Thank you both for your replies x really appreciated. I have 3 children 2 are very young and very demanding but it’s the moments they leave you alone that the moods and worry sneak in. My story is the same as every one else’s so far. Found a lump went to gp, then the breast clinic. I’m too young for mammogram so had an ultrasound and biopsy. In our hospital you can get a result after 45 minutes but mine was inconclusive so have another appointment to go back next Wednesday after some meeting takes place x

Hope both you lovely days are having a great Saturday xx

Well we shall be in your corner when you go back for your results Bronagh.  Weekends are always difficult too, because it feels like the normal working pattern goes completely out of the window, and Wednesday feels a long way off  -  but by the time tomorrow is out of the way, then it won’t be too long.


So frustrating when your results have been inconclusive, because you must have gone there hoping for an answer on the day.  I bet your three little treasures keep you busy though!  Wish you all the best, do let us know how it goes if you want to, won’t you.  Hugs xx

Thankfully that’s the weekend over x my 3 definitely keep me on my toes which is good. I don’t seem to be stressing now as much which is good but I think my body is coping differently to my mind, I seem to be constantly cold which is very uncomm for me . 51 hours and counting to results lol xx

Hi Bronagh


Its just awful isn’t it…having to wait for results. Glad you kept busy with your family over the weekend as it does help. I threw myself into work but the thoughts were just under the surface. The feeling of being cold is probably your body feeling shocked by what you are having to cope with. Be kind to yourself. As Paulus said there are so many lovely ladies on the forum who will be here for you - it doesn’t shut!! 

I’m sending you lots of good wishes and hugs. This is the worst time and when you know your results you’ll feel better. Believe me. 

Take care

Love Rosie xxx

Thank you Rosie x
Hope you are well. Good to know there is a reason behind the coldness it’s not something I’m used too x it might also explain the tiredness and change of appetite too x

I’ll post again after wednesday x

Thank you xx

I’m well thank you Bronagh. Thank you for asking.

It sounds like your appetite and tiredness is all part of the stress you are under, my lovely. Just take care of yourself and Wednesday will soon be here.

Come back and let us know how you get on.

Love Rosie xx

Hi just thought I’d post back in to say that I had brilliant news x over the moon at this but I’m not sure if my mind is playing games with me and I can now feel something weird in the other breast. It was definitely not there before but it doesn’t feel like a definite lump it feels longer. Should I go to GP ??