The waiting is driving me crazy!!

Omg I can’t be the only person who is being driven crazy by the waiting. I saw my oncologist 10 days ago and was told to call my nurse if I hadn’t had a letter by today. So I called and am booked in for my first chemo session on 14th April that seems like an age away. I can’t keep going shopping as I will be broke I need to find another way to stay busy before I go crazy! A lovely friend has bought me a grown ups colouring book to keep me amused so I may start that- I guess I could also tackle my massive pile of ironing :wink: Any other tips out there for avoiding the waiting madness??

T3D you brought a smile to my face…yes Like you the waiting is the worst part…and like you I hit the shops but there is only so much shopping you can do. I decided to make hay why the sun shined so living comparatively close to London took in a show and meal,walked along the embankment at night listened to Big Ben strike 10 and just went down my memory lane. I would plug In the ipod and take myself,off for a walk…and I done some of the jobs that I know I should of done.My problem was when I stopped too much thinking time…take care and good luck

The waiting around is the most horrendous part ive found, action is what we need! I’ve had my pre op this morning and op is on Friday but that will be 4 weeks from the start of all this and then another 2 weeks waiting on results then another two before my oncology appointment! I’m barely able to function as it is and wil be a basket case by then! We are all in the same boat ladies but you sure do feel like it’s only happening to you xx