The waiting is just so painful

Only two days left now. Appt Tues 10am to get results of core biopsies. I have been sort of ok, although very weepy, but I feel cold with fear now. I know that so many lovely ladies have said that the waiting is the worst, but this is just so so awful. I’m actually working tomorrow, which I hope might be a distraction, but I feel sick at the thought of even entering the hospital again. And that horrible and rude consultant. I have asked the BCN if I can see the other consultant and she suggested come this Tues rather than delay getting the results and we can go from there. 


Sorry, just needed to say how I’m feeling :frowning:

Hiya love, it is the most awful time and my heart goes out to you as I remember it oh so well, I’m having my 1st annual check up and Mammogram tomorrow and although I’m not dreading it as such it’s certainly the last thing I want to be doing! Trying to work is probably the best thing, I dragged myself in most days during my wait on results after biopsy and although I was sick with fear the whole time it helped me to keep a bit of a lid on my emotions, I’m sorry you have had a bad experience with your consultant but your BCN is right about just getting your results then if need be you can switch, there is no reason you have to put up with seeing anyone who upsets you, this is hard enough and no way would I have put up with it, I found everyone just lovely and was treated with kindness and care all through, we all know what you are going through love and are here to help support you Xx Jo 

Well, it is a hamartoma, which is totally benign. Huge sigh of relief. It is up to me whether to have it removed. It would stop me worrying in the short term, but will possible cause a scar that would be flagged up in future mammograms. I have a month to think about what to do. Right now, I’m enjoying some peace of mind. Thank you so much for your kind words Jo. X