Therapeutic Mammoplasty delayed healing wound breakdown

I had theraputic mammoplasty done 8 weeks ago and I’ve had wound breakdown and the “t-junction” is still not closed over and therefore my radiotherapy is delayed. Again. I also reacted to the internal sutures and they kept being pushed to the surface which kept wounds opened and opened new ones 


my boobs are/were very large 34HH (!) and the one that’s been operated on is now significantly smaller and very perky, Which is great but I’m still concerned about the wound not closing over. 

My surgeon says it’ll happen soon and says I don’t need to see him now for 3 months but my radiotherapist doesn’t think I’ll quite be ready 


I have started taking tamoxifen. No side effects to date

my cancer is/was grade 2 invasive Ductal, 3cm, not in my nodes and all margins clear 


I’m starting to feel like it will never close over and a bit concerned that my treatment is delayed

im not allowed exercise at all, no baths, obviously no booze, no massages, so all form of stress relief isn’t available. 


Anyone else experience wound breakdown?




Hi RG29

Thanks for posting. Hopefully other forum users will respond soon. In the meantime, if you would like to talk things through with our breast care nurses, they’re available 6 days a week on our Helpline. The number is 0808 800 6000, and we’re open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and Sat 9am-1pm. We’re closed tomorrow for the bank holiday. You can also send a written query on

Best wishes


I had this op in October and May. I have had afew stitches that have surfaced and possibly another now still. I just wish it would heal. Last time I had rads after 8 weeks and it healed up really well. I had symetrising surgery in May. I was 34F although have lost weight but not sure what I am now. I was still swolen in May from the rads and it takes a year to go down so will get measured in January or after a year after rads finished. I just use E45 moisturiser on the one that was operated on in May as don’t want to use bio oil yet as it can cause an infection if it gets in to the wound. Hope this helps. You arn’t alone. It can take a year for scar to go.x