Therapeutic mammoplasty - travel? uneven breasts?

Hi, I was diagnosed with Grade 2 Invasive Ductal Cancer this week, and have a therapeutic mammoplasty booked for 16th December, 3 weeks of radiotherapy in the New Year. I don’t know anyone close who has had any cancer, and this is all very new, so please excuse what may seem a very trivial question. We have a primary aged child, and I would like to make sure Christmas this year is as good as possible for all of us. We are thinking of driving 5 hours or so down to Cornwall about a week after the operation. My husband is worried about what the driving it could do to the wound, even as a passenger. I long to watch my family playing on the beach from a comfy seat and hopefully potter around a bit. What is the recovery time, and am I mad to even think about it?

Another question - and I am sure I will be talking to the surgeon about this: will my breasts look very wonky afterwards? The lump is in the one which is already slightly smaller. She is planning a procedure which will result in a lollipop scar.

Obviously my priority is to get rid of the wretched thing, but it would be helpful to do some planning for fun too! Thanks


I has stage 2 invasive ductal cancer diagnosed in June and had surgery on the 5th July . I had a therapeutic mammoplasty and sentinel node surgery on my left tumour side and a matching mastopexy on my right . My wounds were quite unpredictable after a week . Although I didn’t have drains I needed regular dressing changes .I’m not sure I could have gone away quite so soon - although I was certainly able to potter about. Anyway you could go away a little closer to home ? So that you could get back for a check up or dressing change ? Be interesting to hear other people’s experiences . I do hope it goes well for you it’s such a relief when it’s all done . 


I have Stage 2 Lobular Cancer and underwent a therapeutic mammoplasty on 4 November.

I had the Pico on for 7 days and I’m generally healing really well, my breasts look fantastic (I was a H/HH cup before so the surgeon had lots to work with ) and have been in less pain than I anticipated.  However there is absolutely no way it would have been possible for me to undertake a 5 hour car journey a week after my surgery.  I went out to see my parents today who live only 15 mins away and by the time we got back I needed painkillers.  Every bump on the road was uncomfortable and then someone stopped in the middle of the road in front of us and my daughter had to brake hard which caused jarring pains.  I think it will be a long time before I could undertake a 5 hour journey.

Your body needs to heal and you need to heal, I’m finding it harder psychologically than physically.  I hope this helps and if you want anymore information about the surgery, just ask.  Good luck with yours.

Hi, I had a right breast therapeutic mammoplasty and sentinel node biopsy on 19th September, I have an upside down lollipop scar on my breast and a separate underarm scar and my breast is still almost the same shape and size as the left breast.

Although I recovered well and was doing 3 mile walks four days after surgery I wouldn’t have been able to be a passenger for a 5 hour car journey only one week afterwards. I found the 20 minute car journey to the hospital for prolene stitch removal and wound check a week after surgery very uncomfortable. 

I started driving short distances 18 days after surgery and actually found that more comfortable than being a passenger because I was in control and could avoid or go very carefully over bumps etc. I think I would only have been able to undertake a 5 hour journey about four weeks after surgery and even then I was still experiencing some pain and discomfort at times. Now nine weeks on I feel almost fully recovered but still get the occasional twinge.

 I wish you well with your surgery and recovery and hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family wherever you spend it. The relief of getting rid of ‘the lodger’ will help to make you feel more festive I am sure. I start my 15 sessions of radiotherapy on 19th December so won’t be able to go far over the festive period because the longest break I will get between hospital visits is four days. Happy to try to answer any questions you might have about therapeutic mammoplasty xx

Hello @Demelza  

Welcome to the club no-one wants to join but please be assured that it is full of some of the kindest most lovely people you could wish to meet . Please don’t be afraid to ask any questions on the forum, you are travelling down a well-trodden path (but you will make your own footprints so please don’t ever feel like you “should” or “shouldn’t” be feeling a certain way or doing a certain thing “just because…”)

Unfortunately I think the advice you have had from the lovely ladies below is right, my surgery wasn’t quite as big as yours and we drove for 3 hours to Northumberland 10 days after surgery and whilst a cushion protected the external scars it’s  “the jiggle” on the inside that made it very uncomfortable. I remember that I still felt the jiggle effect for a good 6 weeks afterwards and remember being quite amazed at the difference that a new pair of supportive trainers made just to walking at that point. 
I’m sorry you are going to have to think about changing your Christmas plans especially with a young son but hopefully you can make some alternative plans and the relief of having the operation out of the way will add to it. You don’t mention exactly how old your son is but I’m sure he’ll enjoy it just as much: my daughter is 13 and I do remember thinking I “needed” to do all sorts to make Christmas special for her but I think she enjoyed every Christmas just as much
Good luck with your operation on 16th

AM xxx 

  • Thank you! I have (tried to) reply to all you wise ladies above x


I had therapeutic mamaplasty on 1st July this year. The operation had to be delayed as I caught covid just a week before. Even though I was super careful. I felt ok but delicate for  the immediate weeks post surgery. Drives as a passenger to tge hospital for check ups were manageable but I wouldn’t have wanted to do a long drive to Cornwall. I had an infection a few days after the operation which meant extra hospital visits. In reality, I think it’s unlikely that you’ll want to travel so far so quickly. Your son will be happy with Christmas wherever you are. I remember taking my children away one Christmas years ago and realised when we were away tgat they’d rather have been at home to set up/play with their gifts. Home is home. There will be many more years to get away when you are feeling better.

with best wishes for your treatment,


Thanks for your post I’m also having surgery on 16th December . My daughter has an operation on the 19th dec and was hoping to be able to accompany her to the hospital which is about a shout and a half away . Does anyone think that is doable . My surgeon felt I would need radiation but it’s not booked in