Thick womb lining

Last May I had grade 3 3.1cm lump removed, 5 out of 7 nodes were affected and I was 39 at dx. Had 6 Chemo, 30 rads, tamoxifen since Oct 08.Chemo stopped my periods last June and Tamoxifen has kept them away.

I’ve had a sore hip for months, had xray which showed ‘lucent area’ then bone scan (clear - hooray) MRI (clear - hooray) but it did show up an ovarian cyst. I’ve seen a gynaecologist today and he did an ultrasound scan which showed the cyst is the same size but also that my womb lining is really thick. He said that on tamoxifen it can go up to 5mm, but mine is 12mm and I’ve only been on it 7mths. He then took a biopsy from my womb (bit uncomfortable, now a bit sore and bleeding a bit)which is to be examined. I really was not worried until now about the cyst as lots of ladies without bc get them. After the clear scans I was just feeling a bit more like me and getting on with things, but this feels like a real setback.

Just wondering if anyone else on tamoxifen has had such womb thickening?


Hi Kinden,
Really sorry to hear what you are going through and I am sure others will be along and be a bit more helpful than I can be.
I think this is a no win situation. When I had my primary bc 1999 I met five women on the ward with problems from tamoxifen. This helped me make a decision to not have tamox but to hve my ovaries removed. In 2004 I was diagnosed with secs to liver and bones. Would I have had more years without secs had I done tamox I will never know. I get so cross that women are given tamoxifen without being given all the details.
Really hope you will o.k.
Love Debsxxx

Thanks Debs. Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all the same and there were some ‘right answers’. I will happily have my ovaries out,or the whole lot if that is what is recommended.

Hope you’re feeling well, despite your secs.


hi kinden.

I too have had similar probs. finished chemo aug 08 and been getting pains in tum. anyway after investigation i have 5 cysts on overies but dont know if they have always been there also got thickening of the lining of the womb (endrometrium i think) Anyway has a hysteroscopy about 3 weeks ago and am still awaiting results. oh by the way started tamoxifen sept 08

its feels like you move from one problem to another,

please keep us posted and if i hear anything about me i will let u know. I too had 5/9 nodes involved which always worries me.

take care

I had such heavy periods that I couldent go out and was very anaemic sent me to hospital for an ultrasound and my lining was 20mm had a hysterescopy and it was the tamoxifen went back to 5mm when I came off it, I also had a mirena coil but when I had a reoccurence and had to have a mastectomy last year they told me it would have to be removed as I was hormone positive.This does seem to be a side effect of tamoxifen, best wishes suzan

Hi Kinden

Sorry to hear you are having such a rubbish time on Tamoxifen.

It was awful for me, too. I had bleeding which got heavier and heavier. They kept giving me D & C’s which didn’t help at all, of course and in the end I ended up having a hysterectomy (ovaries had been removed 6 years earlier), where they discovered my womb had swollen to twice its normal size. There was no sign of cancer, tho’.

You are right Debs; the unpleasant side effects and consequences of taking Tamoxifen are downplayed far too much. I ended up on it because when my ovaries were removed they left (they think!) some ovarian tissue behind somewhere which couldn’t be found and my oestrogen levels would not fall enough.

Hope you soon get sorted out, Kinden. But some good news about your other scans.

X to all


Hi Ladies
I’m another with thickening! I’m 39 started Tamox in September 08 and when periods returned in Nov after chemo (only missed 3!) the volume was ridiculous and totally unmanageable. Anyway was referred to gynae who said tamoxifen had caused polyps and told me to google ‘Novasure Endometrial Ablation’. Had it done 3 weeks ago and have been told is likely I will never have a period again!. Procedure was a sinch in and out as a day case (it was a GA) and only mild period pain after. Best thing I’ve ever done. oh but it’s only good for people who have completed their family.
hope this helps
E xx

Thanks everyone, for comments and support.
I have not had a period at all since last June, no spotting even. I’ve looked on the web and of course dx myself with endometrial cancer (even though the usual main symptom for that is bleeding)!!! Will just have to wait for the results of the biopsy.
More patience required.
Going to Google as suggested by E



Gynae consultant phoned today to say that nothing abnormal was found in the biopsy but that I would have to have a DNC under general anaesthetic to know for sure. I felt like she was giving good news with one hand and taking it away with the other. However, I have a pelvic US scan in a couple of weeks re the cyst and it will also show up how much my womb lining is thickened, so I’ll decide then whether to go for the DNC after my holiday at the end of July.

It’s never ending!
Hope all reading are feeling well tonight