thickened breast tissue

Saw my gp yesterday after a few months of my breast feeling achy and tender and he said I’ve got thickened breast tissue on my right breast. Phone call today and now have a breast clinic appointment next Thursday. I’m happy it’s so quick but scared to death. I have 2 young babies and my head is now all over the place?

Hi Donhan,


I do not have any advice, but just wanted to reassure you that you are not alone. I went to the GP yesterday with the same symptoms and told I also have thickened breast tissue too which I have never detected myself.


I have been referred but I have yet to have an appointment through though. It is normal to be scared (I am too). Be kind to yourself until your appointment and do whatever you feel you need to e.g. talking to friends, keeping yourself busy- whatever works for you. Also, do not Google things as this can make people more anxious.


You did the right thing by taking yourself to your GP and getting a referral. Hopefully anything sinister will be ruled out after you have been to the breast clinic.


Zutter x

Hi hope all went went well at clinic? I have similar symptoms large area of thickened tissue top of breast under my armpit and small lump as bottom of breast just waiting for my referral ibalsobhave a young son I’m 29 and he’s 5 awful waiting everything goes round in your head doesn’t help that there unsure as to why all my lymph nodes in neck down to collarbone are very raised so unsure if connected hope all went well for you x

Hi ladies. I’m happy to say that I got the all clear and all it was is enlarged glands? phew! I’ve never felt so scared in my life but I will always go and get checked if I’m concerned in the future! I hope you are all ok and had your appointments now. When we feel something isn’t right it’s so easy to jump to the wrong conclusion but it’s also a normal reaction! For many these lumps and bumps turn out to be nothing but never stop reporting them to the gp ok! Hope your all doing ok! Lots of love xxx

Hi hun have you got your appointment through yet? Xx

So happy for you best news :slight_smile: still waiting but got a really good gp who’s rang me today letting me know my referral has gone and I should hear by the end of week :wink: X