Thickened womb lining and tamoxifen

I will be five years past diagnosis in March. 8mm tubular cancer. Had WLE and radiotherapy plus tamoxifen.
With all that has been said in the press recently I asked for a second opinion regarding stopping or continuing tamoxifen. My first onc told me I could stop after four years if I wanted to though I decided to continue and do the five years.
The second opinion said they would also be happy for me to stop unless I wanted to continue which would also be ok!
I am also waiting for biopsy results after some prolonged bleeding though it seems to have settled now. I am 47 and pre menopausal. I had blood tests. A smear test which came back clear. An internal ultrasound which showed my womb lining had thickened to 18mm so the had a hydroscopy where I was told there were lots of polyps and lots of biopsies were taken.
Has Anyone had the same issues either with the thickened womb lining or trying to decide whether to take tamoxifen past the five years?
When looking up thickened womb lining quite a few times I came across suggestions that the womb lining should be checked once a year when on tamoxifen but I was never offered any checks.
Any information or advice welcome.

Hi LooLoo2, I finished Tamoxifen at the end of March this year after 5 years and am going for a hysteroscopy on Tuesday. I had a bleed last month, don’t know if it’s my periods back. I hadn’t had a period for the time I was taking Tamoxifen and I’m now 51. I went to my GP and then had a transvirginal scan which showed cyst near ovary and thickening of the womb. I wasn’t offered Tamoxifen for longer and to be honest am glad about that. I know they say problems with the womb whilst taking Tamoxifen are rare but I have heard so many women having the same problems. Maybe it’s just coincidence and they would of got the same probs if they weren’t taking Tamoxifen, but I’m glad to of finished it.

All the best xx


Also had no checks on the womb whilst I was taking Tamoxifen x

Thank you for your response. I hope your hysteroscopy goes well. I had periods throughout taking tamoxifen but in the last year or so the gaps have been from three to six months. Did they tell you how thick your womb lining was? X

Thanks stressy messy. Sorry about my double post. When I looked I couldn’t see my reply then two popped up! x

Hi. I am also having problems which maybe Tamoxifen related. I had a 7mm tubular breast cancer removed in March and started on Tam at the beginning of May. I recently had about 5 weeks of spotting and was referred off  for a series of tests. The endometrial biopsy came back clear and nothing odd was seen on the scan but I had a hysteroscopy last week and that showed a polyp. The nurse who did the hysteroscopy suggested removal plus putting in a mirena coil. She seemed surprised when I questioned using the coil - I was very ER + and my hospital does not test for PR. I then walked up to the breast care department and had a word up there - their advice was no to the coil. I reported that back to the gynae people and haven’t heard anything for a week ! None of this has left me feeling very comforted and it has been made worse because the nurse was a bit non commital about the risks of the polyp being malignant - even though the biopsy done before the hysteroscopy was clear.I have made an appointment to speak to my GP tomorrow in the hope that she might try to get some coordination between the gynae and breast teams . But at the moment I am worried about it all and fretting that I have got cancer again !

Hi walkabout
Well. Still waiting for my biopsy results :frowning:
My dr mentioned the mirena coil which I queried with the breast consultant as I was 8/8 Er positive. Like you my pr was not tested. Their opinion was it would be ok to have the coil but I have to say I would not be comfortable having it so understand your concerns.
Hope your appt with GP goes well and you get a an if action you are happy with. X