Thickening/cord in left breast

Hi all. I am a bit concerned about a thickening/cord-type lumpiness in my upper outer left breast (almost the armpit), which is also sore and gives me a burning-type pain in the area at times. I have a family history of breast cancer, in that my mum and 2 of her sisters have had it. I’ve already been to the doctors once about this “cord”, and she referred me to the breast clinic. They did a mammogram, which they told me was normal, but they sent me away without giving me any idea of what this “cord” and discomfort actually is. I was told when I had a mammogram in the past that I have dense breasts, and I’ve read online that sometimes this can make a mammogram difficult to read, and sometimes cancers can actually get missed. Also, the area the cord is in is almost in the armpit, and, as a mammogram only seems to scan the actual breast part that gets squished between the plates, I’m not entirely convinced the area I’m having trouble with would’ve even been included. The only thing that makes me think my problem isn’t anything serious is that I think it gets worse around my period, which makes me think it’s probably just something hormonal. Any advice/opinions?

hi bcquestion,
It sounds like you need more clarity on this or otherwise it will continue to play on your mind, is it worth going back to your gp on this as your symptoms have been persistant?
It may also be an idea to post your question on the ’ ask our nurses’ section, as they would be able to advise.
ann x

Thanks for your reply ann-m. I am going to book another doctor’s appointment. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just because of my family history that I would just like to get it double-checked. I will post in the ‘ask our nurses’ section, thanks for that suggestion.x

I don’t have any answers but I came here with similar concerns.
I had two breast surgeries when I was 16, both times they were fibroadenoma’a bit both my parents have passed with CA so I’m a little paranoid.
My breast have always been lumpy, and like you dense but this week I notice a small lump at the edge of my scar tissue. It’s very deep, and has a cord / finger like lump going towards the side and into the armpit where there is a lot of thickening.
My nipple has also slightly inverted but on the opposite side of the lump.
I know I will have to go and get it checked out and have been many times over the past 30 years but this time I actually feel very nervous. In the past I’ve always been sure that it would be a harmless breast mouse, which has been the case but for some reason when I felt this lump I felt sick and just have a bad feeling about it.
If you aren’t happy with the results you’ve been given please go back to your GP as thinking and worrying about it will drive you mad.

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Barnsey please just make a GP appointment and ask for a referral. The waiting is the worst but at least you will know that you have taken some positive steps forwards, toward getting an answer. Most breast lumps are benign. Let us know how it goes x