I went to breast clinic just over a year ago and by the time I went my lump had disappeared, was diaganosed with fibrocystic disease. for the past 6 months I have felt a thickening in the same area, which doesnt go away, is not cyclical and does not appear to be changing - should I be concerned?


Hi Fiona,

well I guess as you have posted you are already concerned so go check it out if only to put your mind at rest.


Hi Fiona,

Get things checked out. You’ve lost just a few hours if everything is OK, if you need further treatment you best get started sooner rather than later.

Just to add when I have been to BC clinics I always see more relieved faces than those being led into a room with a BC Nurse.

I have a thickening in my breast which, after two ultrasounds and a biopsy turns out to be totally benign. I have had this for 4/5 months now and the consultant said that it wont disappear in a hurry either. She did also stress that I should go back immediately if I felt anything different or any changes as you cant attribute it to the same thing without a proper examination. What I am trying to say is that although it is probably nothing to worry about and might even be the same issue as you had last time, you really should go back and get it checked out.

Best of luck. xx