I am 3 years since lumpectomy, chemo rads and am getting back to normal.
I have however an area of thickening between my breast and armpit and did get it checked out with the doctor who said it was muscle and to go back if i needed to in a month. That was about 6/7 weeks ago , didnt go back as feel stupid, but now about 2 weeks ago i have an area of dry red patch between breast and armpit. Does not itch or irritate but does not seem to be going. Also armpit aching more than usual.
Do i need to worry or is it simply a patch of dry skin

Now then, missus, you know you have to get it checked out, don’t you?

It’s probably nothing at all, but it will set your mind at rest.

Good luck, xJacqx.

Jackie - i can only agree with Jacq - you need to get it checked out as until you do you will only worry more and more… Go back and see your gp and if needed give your old bcn a ring - honestly they are there to see us if we have any changes at all… xxx

Theresa x

I absolutely agree with the others.I do think your bcn may be your best bet as she will have more experience of benign breast problems as well as those associated with bc.
All the best
Love Val

Hi Jackie - def get it checked out. Like you I have thickening which no one is worried about, but if the skin went red I would absolutely go for another opinion. Am sure it will be nothing. Let us know how you get on.

hi been to consultant for annual check and he didnt seem to worried. Also been to doc who is not sure what it is but treating it as fungal for 3/4 weeks see if there is any change.
Now have about 5 spots developing all on my breasts and armpit.
Still puzzled?