hi all
firstly thanks so much for being here i have read many posts which are so informative and my heart goes out to each and everyone of you.
i have discovered a vast area of thickening on my left breast above my nipple but with no pain and a little tenderness on the nipple.i have searched the forums and cannot find info on this subject.can anyone help me find a link for anyone who has the same.
regards karen

Hi Karen

It doesn’t really matter what we all say to you, because the only person who can tell you what’s up is your GP. Do get an appointment to get the area looked at by your GP asap, I don’t know how old you are but dependant on what is seen/felt and your age, will determine to outcome of the visit! As you will have seen on the forum, there are strict guidelines for your GP to follow.

You could always call the BCC helpline and chat to one of the nurses, I hear they are fab!

Lots of ladies will be along soon and no doubt someone will have had the same problem as you. Let us know how you get on at your GPs.

Lynn x

Hi Karen - please go to your GP. My tumour was found on routine mammogram (I am 52). I couldn’t feel anything as it was large and flat. When I went to the Breast Clinic the consultant said - I am concerned about this thickening - so please go.!

I had my routine mammogram on 19th March and didn’t get recalled til 3rd May as they said they didn’t have enough consultant to read the scans !!!so you can imagine my mind went into overdrive as how to much it had been growing. I had my op on 15th June- 3 months later. At least you will go under the 2 week rule with the GP and be seen urgently.

Thinking of you.

Brenda xx

Hi Karen,
Like the other ladies have said go and get it checked. My BC showed up as a small area that just ‘felt different’ to the rest of the breast not a lump as such. This DOSNT MEAN YOURS IS but worth getting it checked - try and get an appt before the weekend. Sorry don’t mean to panic you - nine out of ten referrals turn out to be OK but get it checked out to avoid any stress.

Hi - just to agree with caroline but to be on safe side get it checked.

Brenda xx

Hi Karen,

I would also advise you to get it checked out. ANY changes, whether lumps, thickening or nipple changes/sensations should be checked out. Always better to be on the safe side.

Take care and hope you get an appointment soon!


wow…thanks guys for all your responses.i have made an appointment for 5.40pm today so i will let you know and thanks for the push

hi all
went to the docs and he says doesn’t think there is anything to worry about …but to get checked out at breast clinic just to be sure…so im a little more relaxed now

sorry moderators i have just tried to send a pm and i can read it and think everyone else can, help
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Hi Karen

So glad you went and that doc thinks it;s okay and also sent you to clinic for extra reassurance. My friend went to her doctor after finding a lump and asked if it was a cyst and he said he didn’t think so but that threatment is good nowadays !!! Talk about putting the fear of god into her. She had an appoinment about 10 days later and everything was okay. she wasn’t happy with her doc before all this so has now changed to another.

Keep us informed !

Love Brenda xxx

hi all
sorry to bother you again but i have a question regarding my visit to the clinic.i have an appointment on 14th november and just realised that i will be due to start my priod around that time.the question is …(dumb one i think) will they be able to get good pics from the exams or will they tell me to come back at another time in my cycle.i don’t think i could stand to wait any longer.also has anyone been to clayton,wakefield and is it a one stop clinic…will i get to know that day.hope someone can help.hope your all o.k
regards karen

Hi Karen

You’ve done the right thing, I hope you get good news.

My experience of a one stop clinic (CastleHill) went like this…

First I went in to see the consultant who asked alot of questions and did a breast exam, I then went for a mammogram and then for an ultrasound before going back in to see the consultant although the ultrasound lady told me what it was before I went back in to see the con.

I will say though that I think depending on your problem it can be different, my lump was cysts so I didn’t need a biopsy like some ladies do.

I think at most clinics you are told what your problem is the same day.

Good luck.

Debbi xx

sorry…priod should read period
regards karen

Hi Karen,

I went to a ‘one-stop clinic’ (although I didn’t know it was at the time!). My appt was at 9.30 and I took my boyfriend with me. I saw a doc first (not the cons) and he examined me and sent me for a mammogram (I was 34 at the time). I was told that depending what the mammo showed I may have to have an U/S and biopsies.

The mammo showed up loads and I did have an U/S. The radiologist then showed me the areas of concern on my right boob and started drawing all over me! Then I had to see the consultant, and by now we were getting worried! The consultant explained he was very concerned and took a series of biopsies and did a FNA (fine needle aspiration). He told us he would have the provisional results in an hour.

We went off for a cup of tea and stuff then went back for the results. By this time it was 12.30. Unfortunately the news for me was not so good, but hopefully this won’t be the case for you.

I will be keeping everything crossed for you,

Take care,