things for mum

things for mum

things for mum Hello

Please can anyone help me?

My mum has been diagnosed with breast and lymphatic cancer and is due to commence 6 months of chemotherapy this week. She has been told the treatment will be quite aggressive culminating in surgery, and I would like to put a ‘pamper’ box together including books, slippers, headscarves etc. Please could anyone offer suggestions for items which she may also find useful or comforting during her treatment.

Thank you

Hi Sharon jane,

What a nice idea!

I finished chemo about 4 months ago so now have a good idea of what I would have liked to find in a pamper box.

New slippers are always good, maybe new jammies too for hospital.
Nice headscarves for when her hair falls out.
Nice rich body lotion as your skin gets quite dry.
Hand and nail cream as nails can go a bit brittle
I, and many others I know, got stomach cramps and found something hot on my tummy a great relief. I have a little dog that goes in the microwave - beddy bear - you can get them online for about a tenner. It was an absolute god send some days; I even named him!
Hot flushes too so maybe a nice fan or a little battery operated fan.
I spent a lot of time watching trashy funny movies on dvd when I was feeling rubbish after chemo. And reading trashy magazines.
Food wise I ate a lot of fruit and ice lollies as they were good for my sore and funny tasting mouth.

Good luck to your Mum, hope that’s helpful for you.
Carla x

Thnigs for Mum Thank you Thank you Carla, that’s great!

I’m seeing mum tomorrow and will be adding your suggestions to her box.

I’d never thought about joining a forum before on anything, but already I’m finding you can get a great deal of support and help from people who have experienced cancer.

Thank you so much for your help Carla.

Sharon X

I did the same! Great idea! I did the same for my Mum and she really appreciated it.

Other ideas are nice lipbalm, anti bacterial hand rub, jelly sweets, (to get rid of taste) tickets for something to look forward to after its finished, relaxing cd, perfume free cosmetics (chemo really hightens smell), a letter to remind her how strong she is and how much you love her,

This horrible 6 months will pass, and a new normality will be found again!!

Thinking of you all


Things for Mum Lou, thank you so much for your suggestions. The box will be huge by the time I finish it. I also really like the idea about the letter, and will include this too!

Thank you again, very best wishes to your mum

Sharon x

For your Box Sharon,

I bought my mum some nice new pj’s from M&S - they were really soft and had a little light dressing gown to match so she felt better when people visited.

Also some wipes so she can freshen up without having to get up if she doesnt feel up to it.

My mum fancied jelly tots so I bought her lots of these and some straws so she could sip water all day.

Wishing you both well over next few months and remember this treatment is to make her better.

Sarah xx

hello Hi
I got a housecoat from m&s peruma as a present so soft and money went to breast cancer too I think i lived in it for sure ,chillow pillowr for hot flushes and a lot of TLC sometimes just being there is more important not that you won’t be but this can be a hard and lonely trip all the best to you and your mum she"s lucky to have such a nice daughter

Huge Thank you Hello

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions for my mum’s pamper box. I gave this to her yesterday and she was really appreciative. My mum and I have never really had a very close relationship, but I feel we have now crossed a bridge and she knows that I am here for her always, and will be fighting this with her every step of the way.

Thank you again for all your kind messages, love and best wishes to you all.

Sharon x