Things to take,nightwear,clothes? Diep flap reconstruction

Hello Ladies

I’d like advice from any of you who have had the diep flap reconstruction surgery. I will be having my mastectomy 12 December with immediate reconstruction, so since I have not had any letters from the hospital, I would appreciate suggestions and advice what to take with me during my stay. Stay about 5/6 days probably with a drain. Goodness knows what I will physically feel like let alone emotionally, although I’ve been off work since June after having tumour taken out and 2 further surgeries to clear margins, which obviously weren’t successful!

Think I’ll also take my mobile(need that contact with the outside world!)Mags, music, loose pants, and I think someone mentioned earplugs?

Hope to hear from anyone

Hi Hamlet,
I got home last night having had a mastectomy/DIEP on the 10th. All went well but I am feeling tired and rather battered!
Things to take with you:
Front fastening bras - i bought 2 post surgery bras from Nicola Jane. If in doubt go a size bigger as you will be swollen. They check your flap every 15 minutes for the first 24 hours then regulary until you go home so easy access is essential.
Front fastening nighties or PJ’s for the same reason. It is very hot in hospital so get cotton. i stayed in the gowns for 3/4 days.
Ginger and elderflower cordial (thanks to someone else for the recommendation). All the drugs made me feel a bit sick.
Mobile phone and charger
Big knickers! Support knickers waist high to support your tummy. you will need to wear these for some weeks after.
Baby wipes
Battery mini fan - for the first 24 hours you will be wrapped up and kept extremely hot! this aids the blood flow to the flap but is uncomfortable
Mini water spray for your face
Dry shampoo as you wont be able to shower for several days.
I stayed in nighwear til I went home as its quite tiring getting dressed/undressed
Mags, books, puzzles
Headphones for the TV
I took earplugs but didn’t get on with them - I did have my own room for 4 days as I had to be kept hot. After that I was moved to a small ward (3 out of 4 beds occupied) but didn’t sleep well.
You will have to sleep on your back, even when you get home, with your knees raised. I bought a knee pillow, also a V shaped pillow for home.

If you have any other questions please ask. Good luck
Clare 83

Hi Clare 83

Thanks for your reply. Looks as though I’ll be off to Primark for some cheap things if I buy bigger sizes because I don’t want to spend too much! British Home Stores have some PJ’s cotton, think it’ll be hot in hospital. I didn’t think of taking a fan thanks. Now only weeks ahead… hope it all goes well. The women on this forum all have a contribution to make whether good or not so good! What a good support we give to each other.



I had Tram Flap Surgery in Dec 2010. I got nighties out of Primark that buttoned to down the front, not all the way down but about 4 buttons, and they were perfect to open up to let staff check my breast. I found nighties better as they kept the catheter in a few days. I found the vest tops with support ideal after the op, my Plastic Surgeon recommended them. He also recommended Sloggi pants, I still wear them as they give a bit of support.

Hope all goes well

Take care

Carolyn x


I took in wax earplugs which I found invaluable, an eye mask for getting to sleep in the daytime, and some slip on slippers are good so you can put them on and off easily. A flannel for washing - you might not be able to have a shower for a couple of days until they change the dressing to a waterproof one so an old fashioned flannel is really useful! A pen.

Good luck and very best wishes