Thinking about Stopping chemo

Had WLE 20 aug. Clear margins, no node involved, hormone positive, her2 negative, grade 3. Was borderline for chemo but decided to go ahead and have had 2. I feel so ill and have an extremely bad vomiting phobia. I am almost certain I won’t be going ahead with any more chemo. Has anyone else been in this kind of situation and decided not to continue with chemo? Xxxx

Hi Murphy1963, I cannot begin to feel how nauseas you are feeling but stay with it.  Get the oncologist to see what they can do to help you, take everything they offer and remember it’s killing the bad cells also. I’m sure there is others in the forum who can offer you some advice. Best wishes Snapper58


Hi murphy remember me ? I had v similar results to you . I am sat here feeling v nauseous too and despite cold cap twice my hair is coming out but I am carrying on . Don’t make a decision whilst u feel sick as it skews everything . Hope you find the strength to keep going . Debbie xx

Murphy, talk to the oncology team - they should be able to help more with the nausea. I had a dreadful time with chemo and more than once wanted to give up, but eventually they came up with a mix to make it bearable (though 5 months of nausea is no fun) and I got through.  Ask for help - and good luck.

Hi Murphy. I am so sorry to hear you feel so bad. I had my lumpectomy a year ago tomorrow and went through chemo, radiotherapy and am now on Tamoxifen. Please stick with it. I felt awful - so sick - but it does pass. Are you having FEC-T? If so, it is only the FEC that causes nausea. With the T part there are no feelings of sickness. There are all sorts of anti-sickness medications. Unfortunately I didn’t push it and felt awful for each of my three FEC’s but I know loads of women on this forum had something called Emend which really worked for them. For some stupid reason the hospital team start you off with the mildest anti-sickness meds and only give you something stronger if you ask for it. I felt like giving up so many times but am now 7 months on from finishing chemo and feeling good. Please don’t make any rash decisions until you’ve had a chance to talk it through. Sending hugs xx

Hi ladies, thank you so so much for replying. I have had emend, ondansatron, Metacoplamide, dexamethasone and still feel awful. I’m on day 8 of my second fec and I’m due to have 6 fec. I am such a moan and a wimp and so many other ladies have so much more to put up with, sorry for being so down. Love xxxx

Hi Alice, thank you so much for your reply. Another lady on the September thread was given nozinan today so I’ve asked her to let me know how she gets on with it. I’m going to ask for the drugs for a longer period as well, the normal 5 days just isn’t enough for me. Thanks once again xxx

Hi caz, thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me. I am so glad you managed to get through this awful experience. Like you I am taking it one step at a time. I am day 3 of my #3 fec and touch wood, and I know things could change any minute, but I’ve been not too bad. The pharmacist changed my anti sickness meds slightly and this must have helped. I’ve also been having acupuncture and this has helped too, and I wear sea bands 24/7.

I will defo go the whole way, I would worry too much like you if I didn’t.

Hope you are keeping well and getting back to as normal we’ll ever be xxxxxx