Thinking back on this year-advice please

I always find myself reflecting back on the last twelve months at this time of year and OMG-what a year! Diagnosed March 7th, WLE and SNB, chemo, rads, Tamoxifen and ongoing Herceptin. However, I get comfort from the thought that it could have been worse and in the grander scheme of things, seeing other posts on here, I have “escaped” relatively well (though I await the next five years with trepidation).

So now I can think more clearly I have a question. Before diagnosis, I was a very healthy 49 year old. However in January this year (5 weeks before I discovered “Humphrey” in my left breast), I had a nasty tumble down the stairs and fell on my left side. My Surgeon insists that the subsequent breast cancer was not linked to the fall at all but I’m not so sure and wonder if anyone has any advice or experience of similiar. I’ve had several people tell me that cancer has been diagnosed after a tumble. I can’t change what’s happened but am just curious.

Thank you all ladies

By the time you can feel a breast lump it has probably been growing a few years, maybe many years.  Even a grade three lump probably takes a year or two to get going.  So I think it would have to be some kind of ‘super-lump’ to grow that fast (I’m thinking of superheroes here!)


I suspect the reason why they seem to appear after falls is that you are examining yourself much more closely than usual in the aftermath of the fall, trying to see what damage you have done, or how everything is healing, and you find the lump because of that.

hi mac123 my bc was in exactly the same place as the area i twice banged my breast with a sharp cornered laundry basket.there was months apart from the 2 knocks and my dx wasnt until a couple of years later.i asked my onc[a scary man!]about it and he said 'thats what the last woman said’but no injury doesnt cause it ,you are just more aware of the area you have knocked.i didnt believe him and find it too coincidental that my lump was in the exact same place.i know we cant change what happened to us but if i ever win a few million on the lottery i would fund some research into it!i want a reason of why i got it  as i was a healthy just 50 year old[dx 5 days after my birthday].i hope that 2014 brings us all we wish wishes Denise

My surgeon asked whether I had had a trauma to my breast which I did had 3 years prior to diagnosis as I had a fall from my horse.

It’s very interesting to hear everyone else’s views on this. As far as I’m aware, no research has ever been done into it. Perhaps that would be a project for someone :smileyhappy: