Thinking of inner breast tissue

Hi everyone looking for some advice, for over a year I have been. Suffering with a painful right breast, got checked last year and was told it was a cyst, now a year on pain is worse. Went back about 2 mths ago had a biopsy for a lump was told it was a benign tumour but to get a mammogram 4 weeks later, this has now came back as thickening of inner tissue, and I have been given an appointment for 23rd Dec for another biopsy. No getting really worried I have swollen under arms this has also been going on for a few mths, today I phoned and asked to speak to doc, but receptionist phoned back to say doc has advised I wait on results so they know what they are dealing with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Oh I’m 36 years old

Sorry to hear this it sounds like a worrying few months. Hopefully the biopsy will be clear, but really feel for you and the timing probably just makes it worse :frowning:

Thankyou kess for your reply
Yeah timing couldn’t be worse, but need to get on with things for the sake of my kids. It’s just the not knowing that’s the worst.