Thinking of Taking My Chances As So Sick of Tablets


I’ve done two years (almost) of Tamoxifen and believe I’ going the three years of Exemestane soon. I don’t remember much the zinc said about Exemestane, other than it depletes oestrogen levels. I was so distressed hardly anything he said stuck with me.

Being someone who doesn’t think of taking an aspirin, two years of Tam have been a grind for me. I know these drugs are to reduce the chances of recurrence, but my life has been a misery with the constant daily reminder and dreading the thought of three more years, especially on a new drug. It took me a year to get used to Tam (joint pain). 

I also need anti-depressants since cancer and that hasn’t helped as regards Prozac (which agrees with me) and Sertraline (which doesn’t).

I’n seriously thinking about stopping treatment after the Tam runs out and not starting the Exemestane, mainly because I want my mental health back, more than I want anything else. 

Cancer rocked my world; I have never experienced fear like it and I have struggled ever since diagnosis. I am very grateful to my medical team, but five and a half years of treatment (altogether) just seems endless and I’m not quite yet at the half-way stage. I want my life back. 

Any insight from you lovely ladies will be greatly appreciated. 

Wonky xxx

Hi Wonky,

knowing exactly where you are coming from, like you just couldn’t tolerate medication, so have decided to call it a day not suggesting you should follow suit, however I feel life is for living, was feeling very unhappy, sad, and general could face another day. After a consultation with my oncologist it was decided between us….taking both my cancers into consideration (breast cancer both sides) to call it a day, they have left the door open for me should I need them or want to start Tamoxifen again.

Maybe a chat with your consultant or GP wishing you lots of luck, I always say one day at a time. Take good care, keep safe and well

Big hugs, brave lady Tili :rainbow: x

It’s a hard one to call I am on Letrozole (only for 3 months) I am also on Fluoxetine for MH problems.
I never imagined (well never gave it thought) that having treatment for breast cancer would result in other symptoms, ie joint paints, menopause, my memory seems shaky (which it wasn’t before the hormone treatment.
Like I say I am only three months into my treatment but already I am struggling before the treatment I was an active 64-year-old, I did all my cancer treatment alone and came through it well, then I started hormone therapy and things changed.
I will of course continue as things for me might settle down, I also am due to speak to my oncologist in June but I do see where you are coming from. Of course, we all want to live as long as possible, but it surely has to be a quality of life we find acceptable and not just one for the sake of being alive.
Such a difficult position to be in I wish you well and hope you find your answer.

Poppy xx

Hi Wonky

i have just started letrazole, haven’t had a bone density and no advice re calcium supplements. I am at a starting point of experiencing joint pain so am highly anxious about adding to this.  The joint pain and severe menopause symptoms were the reason that I was prescribed HRT prior to the breast cancer diagnosis following surgical menopause. I suppose that I have a double whammy of HRT cessation and now complete suppression of oestrogen. I am not hopeful that I will be able persist with the letrazole as my sleep pattern already seems to have worsened and also I seem to be developing increased joint pain and stiffness in smaller joints. I don’t seem to have an oncologist , only been reviewed by breast surgeon at present and awaiting radiotherapy at a different hospital. I will speak to the breast clinic nurses about some if the issues. However if I find that the drug is intolerable I will weigh things up and make the decision to stop. I will then look at what I can do myself to naturally reduce all oestrogen production I.e diet, exercise, BMI , trying to get a grip on my stress levels. 
I’m sorry that I can’t offer hope with continuing the medication but there may be some things that you could do yourself ,if for you the situation becomes intolerable,

best wishes Jacqueline xx

Hi, I felt the same on the estrogen blockers. I was on letrazole to begin with but the pain in my body was awful and the sweats. I changed to Tamoxifen which was a bit easier. I got to about 6 and a half years and thought, I’m sick of taking these, so I stopped them. March 2020 as we went into Lockdown I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer which was in almost every bone. I don’t want to scare anyone but I’d think long and hard before you stop them. I wish I’d made a different choice. I have to watch my family suffering if I get ill because they don’t know if this is the end for me. Please, if you have time to reconsider your choice, think through all of the pros and cons of what could happen.