thinking of you all

thinking of you all

thinking of you all hi girls

have been reading some of these threads and im sorry that im not upto date with you all. i havent been online for a while and im sorry

i sincerely hope that things are well with you all and that - if you are on chemo - i hope you are managing to cope during the good days.
there are quite a few threads on here - whilst i was on the stuff - with top tips n all that to help u thru it.

it does help when there are girls going thru chemo the same time as yourself, you can compare notes with folk who just dont seem to understand how you feel right now.

sending you all BIG CYBER HUGS and kisses , ths sun is out today so i hope that brings a lil ray o sunshine into your soles (or is it souls!)

take care girls

loadsa luv adele xxxxx

Howya doin Well what dya know,there’s me doing my poke my head in the door and flick through the chat forums routine( cos that’s the stage I’m at - don’t really post much no more - saving it up I think for a rainy day and all that) and there’s Adele.

HOWYA DOING GIRL…Hope all is well – spooky but I was thinking of ya in Tesco today cos I saw a pair of socks with some mad crazy chick type cartoon on and the words SUPER MUM underneath - you gotta get em - wierd isn’t it .

Good to see ya back online

Kath xxx

I agree to everything Kath has said!!

Hope you are well!

I’ve finished my treatment now and feel a little anxious! Oh well, I suppose each day at a time and all that rubbish!

Take care all


Adele you must get them socks!