Third day post op tears. Anyone else?

Hi All

Did anyone else get tearful and down in the dumps approx 3 days post surgery? After my 1st mast & recon I was so tearful about the slightest thing. Someone would only have to say something nice and I would be off again. I am due my second mast & recon in a few weeks and my OH is expecting me ringing him in the middle of the night in tears!
I have heard of 3rd day blues after having a baby (had that too).

Interested to hear if anyone else has had similar.

Where IS summer???

Jackie xxx

Hi Jackie,

I am 12 months post recon and even now get very tearful about the slightest thing.

Whether it be a soppy song or a film I am very emotional, I think alot of it is because when you’re going through the treatment you try and be very strong and positive for your families sake, then it just hits you what you’ve been through. I’m on tamoxifen and Zoladex injections not sure if that’s got anything to do with it.

I have to admit once I have had a good cry I feel so much better, so let yout emotions out whether it be by a good old cry or just needing time to yourself.

I’m sure what we are going through is perfectly normal just give yourself the time you need, I’m sure everyone will understand

Take care

Hi Jackie,
It’s the anaesthetic! As you say, a bit like baby blues, but at least initially you can blame medication. It takes several days to get the stuff out of the system, and if you’ve had recon too you’re probably on pain killers etc too.
Be nice to yourself, treat yourself gently for a while, you deserve it.


Hi Jackie,

I was exactly the same, felt mentally great for the first couple of days with the relief knowing the op was over and done with, but then had a good cry on the loo of all places on the third or fourth day. I think it had started to sink in by then and I’m not used to being unable to run around like a mad thing, and at that point even going to the loo was an effort.

Feel a lot better know though, 7 weeks later!

Andrea x