Third surgery needed

Hi everyone. So after 6 very long weeks, I finally got my pathology from ALND and cavity shave. 1 more node was positive so 2/16. Unfortunately, there still aren’t clear margins from the lumpectomy with a new small tumour found. So back I go again for operation 3. Dr said op is booked for 21st May and then another 6 weeks before I can get results. It’ll be over 6 months since diagnosis by then. I can’t have referral to oncology until the 3rd surgery results are ready. Therefore chemo won’t start until at least July. If this third cavity shave doesnt work i have to have a masectomy. Ferling very fed up.


Hi @bluesatsuma

I am so sorry to hear you havent got clear margins again. The wait is the worst thing isnt it :disappointed: I really feel for you.

Sending you love and hugs xx


Oh @bluesatsuma - that is bloody frustrating. This journey is constantly changing isn’t it. You sort of get your head round one bit and start adapting/preparing and then it changes again. Then you have to start again …

Still, the good news is that only another node was positive so nothing scary found there.

So this is the last one? After that, if it’s not clear then a mastectomy?

I would now just try to spend time with your family knowing that there is a rough plan - with definite outcomes at each stage. The waiting is annoying but you now know what the options are.

Let’s just say that 2024 is going to be the ‘blip’ year … you will get through it - and you will have better times ahead. Hang on in there xxx

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So sorry to hear that they have been unable to clear the margins.

I was called back after a routine scan in July 23 and was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer. 1st lumpectomy revealed a large area of DCIS and LCIS both invasive which is unusual. Had another excision which also failed to reach the margins and revealed even more disease. I was offered a third excision or mastectomy. After a lot of research I opted for the mastectomy which I had 2 weeks ago.

For me as they kept finding more disease which was only revealed through histology I knew that I couldn’t go through another excision, wait for results and then the possibility of the mastectomy anyway. Also 8 months post diagnosis oncology seems to be overdue.

That was what was right for me and no regrets. For you it might be worth having a discussion with your team to discuss your concerns regarding the wait and to discuss all options might out your mind at rest. The waiting and the uncertainty is frustrating and takes you to dark places.

Sending a virtual hug. xx


I have ummed and ahhed about it all day, wondering if I should have gone for a masectomy. But I’ll stick with another cavity shave, afterall they wouldn’t have offered it if they didn’t think it would work. I hope I’m right. Thanks all. Thanks @donna_51 for your wise words xxx

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Oh bless you
The wait is horrid and plays lots of mind games but you’re ploughing on and taking a day at a time
Get your family and friends to do some walks, talks, drinks, meals and social stuff to distract you whilst the wait continues

I found writing my thoughts, fears and emotions down helped to get it out of my head and in fact kept a blog on my laptop for the whole of last year. I’m still adding to it but not every day or indeed every week now
No one will probably ever read it but it helped
The breast nurses on here can help and also the Someone Like Me service ( i used it twice)

Tits and toes crossed for you xx

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Dear Bluesatsuma

I’m so so sorry to read your post, what a lot you have been through, I found one of the hardest parts of having cancer is not know and all the waiting for results, and you sure have all the evidence of this.

I wish I could be more positive for you. Try to rest and take care of yourself. I know this is easier said than done. please remember, we’re all here for you.

Lots of love Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Thank you @Tili and @Curlywurly1. I have booked a holiday at half term for the family and then I’ll be busy at work until it all kicks off again. It’s a long old slog having cancer. I though I’d have been one of the ones who gets an operation, radio and tamoxifen. Not that that’s easy, but i thought I’d be done and dusted by now. If I start chemo in august it will be 9 months since I was diagnosed. Love and courage to all you people who know X

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11 months last year for me but it goes on… and i probably wont ever be the same, and i can accept that but my god its been a rollercoaster

Im due to have what my surgeon described as a reluctant seroma/haemotoma drained/aspirated again next week, this will be the 6th time!

Its getting smaller each time but every shower and morning putting on a bra i can’t help but think for a few moments ‘its back’

The days do get easier darling girl and i think most of us know that we’ve agreed to throw as much as we can to ensure a continued good life so enjoy the good days and moments and yes a break with family is always a good thing to focus on

Relax, take the good days and kniw you’re most definitely not alone

Big hugs xx

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Have a lovely break with the family, hope the sunshine on your horizon every day

Hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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