Third time! Can't believe it...

Never thought I’d need to be back on this site.

I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy 17 years ago, and as all seemed sorted, just got on with life. Very shocked to discover lump in same breast last year, which was also malignant. No choice but to have MX, which wasn’t so bad as feared as I had a recon at the same time. So relieved to be told I didn’t need chemo (this was a huge fear), and also that bisphosphonates weren’t needed (didn’t like the sound of them much either). Again, got on with life, back to the gym and playing golf. Expected that on next visit to surgeon we’d be talking about tidying up the recon and lifting the other side to match etc, and I was comfortable with that.

Found a lump recently which was very near the site of last year’s - Oncologist thought it nothing to worry about, but as it didn’t go away, had it checked out. So exactly 1 year and 3 days from last year’s bombshell, I was told the cancer is back again. I know they can never give guarantees, but hell, 3rd time??? I’ve been told chemo wouldn’t have prevented this and that best case scenario is that it is just localised, so would only need an excision to remove.I’m having a CT, MRI and Mammo tomorrow, then it’s back to the waiting for test results etc. - you’ll all know how horrible that is, just trying to get through the days.

Meanwhile, my mind is racing, what if it has spread elsewhere on this side, what about the other breast or anywhere else in my body?? Will the subject of the dreaded chemo or bisphosphonates come up again??

Don’t know whether I’m right to think about the worst now and drive myself demented, or hang on to the hope that it’s just local, but could then be badly disappointed. My lovely other half is being v supportive, but he’s feeling the stress again as well and I don’t want to burden him with all my fears.

I’m not expecting any solutions, but it has helped me to let off steam. Thanks for listening!! xx 

Hi Coco,

What a b*****! & sorry to hear it’s happened again.

As ever, the forum’s still here whenever you need it, wishing you the very best with it all.


ann x


Hi Coco sorry to hear and it must be a big shock as well as scary time for you. Just wondered have you read Jane Plants book “your life in your hands” it is about a scientist who had cancer come back 6 times and she gives lots of diet advice.  I recently had a positive lymph node removed after 5 years from first diagnosis. I swear by this book as I went back to some old habits and think this is why it returned. Luckily the surgery I was having for recon spotted it and it was removed. Please give this book a read if you haven’t been aware of it I feel there is a lot of good advice in it. Hope it helps to give you some control over what is happening x

Hi Coco I too have had it 3 times in 2011 2013 and 2015 all triple negative grade 3 and had chem for each one but still herelol xxx

unbelievable to hear you have been diagnosed the 3rd time round. I once met a woman who had it 4 times . Anyway I have just been diagnosed for the 2nd time but on the right breast this time and I feel like you very anxious but went to see my GP and have been prescribed some slow release 80 mg Propanalol as they are great against anxiety/ stress feelings. I also have some valium which I take now and again plus some Zopiclone to help me sleep. These are just short term measures until I get over the initial shock. I would suggest if you are struggling emotionally like me definitly see your GP or practice nurse who can prescribe. Tell the receptionist its an "emergency appointment " you need, tell her your diagnosis as this way you will get an appointment straightaway.

Dont struggle emotionally without any meds as its a horrible feeling!!! i know what that feels like!!!


Love Pippi x