This Hurts!

Okay, i’ve had enough now. The pain i’m getting since starting tamox is like tax.
My calves are cramping, knees throb. My head hurts and I get pukey. Terrible cough comes and goes, and makes me heave. The flushes don’t bother me. Just this bloody pain. Any ideas to soothe it? I’m really not content about another 59 months of it.

Oh dear and I am just about to take my first tablet!


As always, it varies. I’m on my 3rd pack and no SEs to speak of so far - not even a flush!

Can’t really comment on tamoxifen as I’m on AIs for about 8 months now. But I’m going to try acupuncture for the joint pain and stiffness I’m getting with those. Feel like 90 sometimes, and can’t figure out what hormones or lack of have got to do with the soles of my feet - I can hardly walk at times. Knees, hips, hands.

I can’t take lots of painkillers - hellish side effects from those too, so hoping the acupuncture is the magic bullet. Had it before for neck pain and it worked, so keeping fingers crossed.

Maybe something to consider.

Oooh, don’t quote me ladies. I trundled through chemo without anything too bad, but just seem to have found something I don’t like. I’m sure it’ll pass, just wanted to see if anyone had some advice that might give me some comfort.