This may sound like a stupid question, but...

when should I put my aqueous cream on? Before I go to my rads sessions, or after? If I put it on before, will it reduce the effectiveness of the treatment? I am quite worried about this, and I forgot to ask the staff about it when I went for my second session today. Also, how many sessions does it normally take before you get a reaction? My nipple and the surrounding area are a little red. Sorry for so many questions, but I want to get it right!

Hi Lyn,

The cream will prevent your skin from drying out and breaking down.
I used to put mine on morning and night, sometimes more if the skin felt sore. It will not effect the treatment if you use it beforehand.
My breast went red / tanned after the 10- 15th session but I got a burn on my underarm on my last session. The breast still looks very tanned now and I finished treatment 8 weeks ago! I am still using aqueous cream on it. Everyone reacts differently to radiotherapy due to skin type, size etc.

I hope that this has helped but ask your radiotherapist tomorrow for reassurance.

Kat x

Hi, Lyn,

I used aquaeous cream first thing in the morning, when I came home after radiotherapy to cool things down and then again before going to bed. I had 30 odd sessions (the max I believe) and apart from my skin being livid red it didn’t break down at all to the amazement of the radiologists.

My advice keep putting it on. I used it for quite a few weeks after treatment finished until the redness and soreness went. My armpit was the worse.

Skin is still darker than the other side but otherwise fine. My nipple and surrounding area looked really strange but o.k now.

Good luck the sessions pass quite quickly.

Denio x

Thank you for your replies, ladies. That has reassured me a lot. I only have 15 sessions, so maybe it won’t be too bad. I’m off for my third session in approx 45 minutes, when my transport arrives. I’ve got a weekly review (whatever that involves), as well as treatment. They’re not doing my armpit, so that should be OK. Fingers crossed!!

Hi Lyn

I had 18 session and in the second week got very burnt and sore. When I finished treatment 2 weeks ago I was left with a blackened nipple and scarlet boobie. Since then the nipple is peeling but even now the skin on my boob looks like its going to peel. However the sorness has gone and it starting to look more normal.
As the other girls said keep using the cram. I find the Aloe Gel (pure) very soothing. You can get from Holland and Barret and similar outlets.
Keep slapping it one.

Norma X

Hi, it’s me again. I’ve just been to my 5th session, and I’ve got no redness so far, except for round the nipple area, and my scar is a little red. I’ve got ten more sessions to go, what’s the likelihood of my burning? i’m quite fair skinned, but it seems to be going pretty well so far. What do you all think? Thanks!

I am having 30 sessions (only 4 left now) and started to get really very red last weekend (after 21). I had used copious amounts of aqueous cream many times a day but I am very fair skinned. Unfortunately my skin started to break down on Tuesday so I am now using aquaform gel with a dressing over it on the broken skin. Has anyone else been given this gel?

All the best


Hi Anne

No I was never given the dressing as although I was very sire etc, mine didn’t break down. However I think its usual to give those dressing as they told me I may need them. Have heard of other women who have them also, so obviously it’s the best stuff.

Good luck
Norma x