Thor: Love and Thunder *Contains spoiler*

Hello, I’ve just got back from the cinema, I went to watch Thor: Love and Thunder with my husband. We’d gone ViP at Cineworld; it was the first time we’d been out-out since my diagnosis about 6 weeks ago.

I usually try to avoid knowing too much of the plot- sometimes it’s inevitable from trailers, but I’d done really well on this one. Now I wish I had known. So I’ve put it here, so if you choose to go and see it, well, you might be better prepared for it than I was, so if you read on, it’s on you.

For someone, like me, who has just been diagnosed with secondaries in my liver and spine, who went from ‘this is treatable with surgery’ to ‘we’re not going to operate because of secondaries’ in a week, it was traumatic to see that Jane has cancer. Unspecified, but stage IV cancer. When we first meet her you think she’s in a plane seat, telling someone about her theories of wormholes. She’s not; she’s hooked up to a bag of lucozade having chemo treatment. Darcey pops by with snacks.

I don’t have IV chemo, mine is in tablet form, so I really can’t say if it’s realistic or not (it doesn’t look it) but yeah, the main character has stage IV cancer, and I cried a lot. Not in a good way, and for reasons people around me weren’t. So if you’re looking to forget about treatment for a while, this isn’t the movie for you.

Big love to everyone, and here’s to more cinema trips in the future,