Those on FEC

I have had chemo before for bc. And had the chemo before surgery so could use both arms. However, I had full clearence with masx then so that arm can’t be used. I have only had Sentinel nodes removed on the other arm and then masx. So I can only have chemo in one arm. Is anyone else in this situation? No way on earth can I have a line put in ever…

Hi Mandy

I had mastectomy and axillary clearance in Nov last year. As a result my right arm cannot be used or bloods/chemo etc. I have just finished 4 x FEC using my left arm for each one. I was exactly the same as you - didn’t want a line put in. Fortunately my veins behaved for all the chemos - they are getting a break now as I’m off for 20 rads sessions - after that I have to have 4 x Taxotere so am hoping my veins remain well behaved for those as well!!

You will find there are a lot who have only one arm that can be used - any equally as many who have the line put in with no problem!

Hope it all goes well for you

Margaret x

Hi there

I had 6xFEC and they all had to go in the one arm, other had node clearance, and Mast and recon. Towards the end my veins began to pack up but just got away with it. Now though they can’t get blood out of the chemo arm, and I have to have it taken out of the operation arm, no probs so far though.
Love Deborahxxx

Hi Mandy

I can only use the left arm for chemo treatment as i had a SN biopsy on the right. Have developed phlebitis on left arm caused by the chemo irritating the veins, have only had i chemo next due 25th Feb so am hoping this pain will not get worse!! And i have broken a tooth too !! been advised not to have dental treatment in case it introduces infection but will have to see if i can have something temporary great!!
Hope your treatment goes well
Sarah66 x


I could only have chemo in one arm - and to say they have had problems is an understatement, but got there in the end. If I had to have had any other treatment I would of definelty had to have had a long line. (took 7 attempts on wed to get a line)

Please take care, love

anne x