Thoughts on chemotherapy on Friday 13th.....

I started four cycles of FEC chemo 11 years ago today - it was Friday 13th then too.  That seemed very ominous.  Due to a slippage of a week when my blood counts were low, I then started four cycles of Tax on Friday 13th July.  To anyone wondering about having chemo on Friday 13th, I’d say it’s a very good day to do it!  For me, Friday 13th is now lucky, and I have been fit and well for the past 11 years.

I’m starting EC-T on Friday 13th July after a couple of delays and personally I can’t wait! 13 has always been my lucky number and I’m not superstitious at all so Friday the 13th has never been an issue for me.
I’m glad to hear that you’ve had 11 great years and best wishes for the future.
Sam xx

I hope the chemo goes well for you xx

I had my operation for my first BC on Friday 13th January 2006 which incidentally was the day Jodie Marsh was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Thank you RoadRunner.
Sam xx