Thoughts on false nails

Ok I normally have acrylic nails after first dance with cancer left me with very short snappy nails. Had none through lockdown and that means they are constantly snapping. Chemo this time is carboplatin so is gentler on my neutrophils , once we are allowed out was wondering wether having nails done is advisable. I know on the scale of things  it may seem shallow - I dont want tallons just nails that look well presented. Will discuss with oncologist but wondering if anyone else has had theirs done and risk factors. 


I’m afraid I can’t answer on risks really as im just guessing myself but I’d say anything that involves a drill or filing could be risky if its shared equipment

Perhaps use stick on ones you do yourself maybe?

But I did want to say it is 100% NOT SHALLOW! You are going through so much, so many changes and losses of things that make you feel like you and if anything makes you feel happier, more confident, then you must find it x