Thoughts on not having reconstruction?

At the moment I have opted for a one sided mascetomy without reconstruction. I think I can live without my boob. Has anyone regretted not having reconstruction? I just want the cancer gone and the quickest recovery time possible. 

Hi! This was also my choice. Granted I’m Just coming up to 3 weeks after surgery, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice to stay flat one sided. Bit of a battle with my team - they really pushed me to have reconstruction because I’m only 37, but I knew for me it was right not to. I wanted quick recovery time and am happy to wear my scar with pride. Very happy with how fast it is healing, and pleasantly surprised how normal I feel with just my softie in place. Sure, there is some adjustment to make… but I think this is the case whatever path you choose


I had a one sided mastectomy in 2019 aged 58.  Like you I just wanted the surgery over and done with. Listen to the professionals advice but at the end of the day listen to yourself.  You know what is right for you.

I didn’t have the option of having an immediate reconstruction at the time but I had made up my mind not to have a reconstruction anyway.  I was quite a ‘busty’ lady and so opted for a reduction of my other breast to ‘balance out’ a bit better. 

I have never regretted my decision. I accepted that my body was my body and any scars were just part of my life and they didn’t define me.

I live a full and active life and it is possible to get pretty post operative bras (VAT free), even sports bras. My prosthesis slips inside a pocket in my post operative bra and you would never know I had had a mastectomy if you looked at me.

Hi Claire

I hope you are doing well.  This is the route I am choosing.  I have my op in the next couple of weeks.  Did you stick with your plan or did you decide on reconstruction?  I am feeling confident that not having reconstruction is right for me but very interested in other women’s experiences of this.  x