Thoughts on secondary cancer


In December 2017 I had a lumpectomy. Stage 1, grade 2 20mm tumour was removed. Micro metatastic cells in the sentinel node. Radiotherapy starting in the 13 Feb 2018 and I have already started the tamoxifen.

When I found the lump I was in the shower and something just dawned on me that my right breast felt different, I looked and I found the lump. Initially i told myself that it was probably a cyst but after observing it for a month I just knee it was cancer.

The thought did not scare me as far as I was concerned it was a lump, DRs would cut it out, I would be treated and all would be fine, just like dealing with a rotten tooth. I have felt fantastic after surgery no pain at all, full movement of my arm and back to normal in two weeks. Very positive till now.

I now have a nagging feeling that it’s spread, I have thought that the whole right side of my body is being attacked by cancer. It aches, I have a cough, the Dr gave me antibiotics in case I had a bacterial infection my throat was very red when she looked but it did not feel sore to me. The cough is still irritating not as bad, but it’s not fully cured. My back, right knee, shoulder, neck and collar bone all ache. No signs of swelling accept two little lumps behind my right ear.

Is it that Im just paranoid, has anybody else experienced such thoughts or aches specific to one side of their body? Could it be effects following surgery or the drug tamoxifen?

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It is amazing how our anxious mind can take over our rational mind totally. Every ache and pain we think it could be sinister, I have to say I still get days like that now even 18 months later and I am on tamoxifen, but they seem to disappear again within a couple of days.


One thing to bear in mind is that your body is still healing from the surgery and everything is still “knitting” back together so the nerve endings etc will still be healing.


Your body also getting used to taking tamoxifen,  I do get aches some days and occasional leg cramps but again it passes in time.


If you are concerned give your bcn a call and how a chat with her I am sure she will be able to reassure you



Thank you for getting back to me, knowing that others have experience the same feelings and thoughts is reassuring. Xx