Three weeks post mastectomy - wound care and swelling advice

I’m now 3 weeks post-mastectomy. I’m still on meds for an infection of the drain site, which is still under a dressing. This means that I can’t get a full shower, but can do 3/4. I still daren’t wash my hair because it would inevitably round down into the scar, including the drain area. I’m just hoping the second lot of antibiotics does the trick.

My scar is starting to feel tight and dry, although that’s not helped by a huge sausage shaped seroma running vertically next to my armpit, and a more rounded swollen area under the arm. And not being able to get a proper shower doesn’t help.

What have you found helped with your scar area and the tightness?

And how long did it take for your seroma to dissipate? 

Hi , I that sounds really uncomfortable :frowning_face: I had my seroma drained once but it filled up again pretty quickly . I arranged to have it done again but almost overnight it disappeared - that would be about 4 weeks after my op .