Three Years after Radiotherapy

Hi there
Haven’t dropped in for a while but I wondered if there was anyone out there that has noticed the same thing as me. I was diagnosed with triple negative in Jan 2008, TAC chemo, bilateral mastectomy with axillary clearance and rads. Over time I have developed awful red marks under where my breast was, up my armpit and now it is spreading across my chest, all on the side where I had rads. When I asked about it at my last six monthly check, I was told is was quite usual and a result of rads but no one had warned me! My hair hasn’t grown back properly either, and I’ve still got peripheral neuropathy in both feet after being assured it would probably get better! All in all I am fed up of being told, ‘well you are still alive, the treatment has to be severe to kill the cancer’ There I’ve had my moan.
Good luck ladies, it is a loovely day



I have a red mark in exactly the same place 2 years on from rads. When I queried it I was made to feel that I was imagining things so let it drop. Nice to know its not just me.


The various bits of info I was given before starting rads said that this is a known possible side effect.

Quote from Cancerhelp website - “Later, you may appear to have broken veins in the treated area. This is a long term side effect of radiotherapy and can’t be helped. It is called telangiectasia. Tiny veins grow in the treatment area and may show on the surface of your skin. You can cover this with make up if you like.”

Not much comfort really, except that it’s nothing alarming or dangerous.

Sarah x

I had rads in the spring of 2007 and it’s still noticeable that my breast is a different colour to the healthy one, a sort of salmon pink shade and you can see the outline of where the beam of radiation was lined up.

For anyone who feels they need to use makeup I would recommend Covermark. I have patches of purple thread veins on my lower legs and ankles and this provides a good but light cover for them. It can be bought from QVC.

Thank you so much Sarah and Cherub, I was beginning to wonder if it was just me! It’s rather comforting to be able to put a name to it as well. I shall certainly try the Covermark, I don’t want to have to wear high necks all the time. Incidentally, because my eyebrows never grew back I went to a Medical Tatooist and had some permanent ones done. It cost me £400.00 but they are absolutely fantastic. I could never get them right with a pencil and always managed to rub one off during the day! I reckon it was be best money I have ever spent.

Tnaks again and best wishes to all