Throbbing pains in lower back

Hi everyone! I had my first round of chemo (FEC.T) on 1st October and everything seemed fine until this morning. I woke up with a throbbing headache, which eventually subsided, then I started getting dreadful throbbing pains in my spine that would come in waves. It settled around my lower back. It got so bad that I called the emergency chemo number and they said chemo can cause joint pain. I’m waiting to have my gallbladder out but I don’t think this pain is anything to do with it. Fortunately I have some morphine for the gallstone attacks so I took some for my back pain, which has helped (for now?) Has anyone had throbbing back pains during chemo?



Hi Bee,

Ive been getting throbbing back pain the last few days. Always when I stand up from sitting, like it is my pulse?? I’ve also had a bad stomach so put it down to undigested food going through the intestines. It is similar to when my disc prolapsed but not as painful.

Ive just had my 1st T after 3x FEC but didn’t have this on FEC as didn’t have bad belly.


I also have had the lower back throbbing (spasms). My oncologist has blamed it on the injection we give ourselves for 7 days after chemo. I have these spasms ev day now in a sitting or squatting position. Apparntly the needle makes our spine produce white blood cells and thus creates the spasm throbbing sensation. I have had l5s1 microdiscectomy so the first time i woke up with this i was terrified and thought i broke my back dancing with my grandson. When i called my primary nurse shecalled the oncologist and she assured me ots normal. I wonder if it ever goes away. I kno ive had 3 weeks inbetween sessions and still in certain positions it happens. After treatment when i sit down i feel like my bones are tearing apart now in my lower back, plus the spasming. Hugs to you and praying to the universe for your speedy recovery