Thursday is the day - investigations finally

Hi all, 

I am 41, have two children (4 yrs and 18m).

A few months ago I notice a strange lump. Thought it was hormonal and left it. 3 weeks ago I was showering and noticed the lump significantly larger than it previously was, so I went to the GP who referred me to the breast clinic. 
This Thursday I go to have mammogram and Ultrasound. 
I am bricking it. 
I have a lump in lower breast and a pea size lump in upper area with full constant ache on the right side. I had put that down to lifting my son all the time, I get a great bicep workout doing that. 

Years ago I had IVF , 3 lots.

In my early teens I lost a maternal Aunt to Breast Cancer. Secondary which had spread. 
last year a friend of ours passed away from it. 

I was not even worried about the lump to begin with. I think the seriousness of if it has begun to sink in. 

I wish I could throw caution to the wind and say “we’ll see” but I have this gut feeling there is a challenge ahead. 

if anyone is in the same boat or has felt the same way , it would be great to hear from you. 

Best of luck :two_hearts: I have my tests tomorrow. Hope all goes well on Thursday  for you xx

Hello Lotty, your post struck a chord with me. I’m so sorry you find yourself here. I really hope that your symptoms turn out to be innocent - many of the time that is the case. But if it does turn out to be breast cancer, you are on the path to get the treatment that you need which in the vast majority of cases is successful. I am 38 and have a 16 month old little one. I also did IVF and when I asked the doctors about a potential link they shrugged it off. Unfortunately in my case the lump I found (while breastfeeding - ugh, so unfair!) did end up being cancer. I can still remember the knot in my stomach as I went for the first ultrasound and mammogram, waiting for the results, not knowing whether to cling to the hope that it wasn’t or face up to the fact that it was, and the first time hearing the news. I really fell apart for a while, it was truly awful. That was only in August and while I have an awful long way to go, I can honestly say that life is good again. I have started chemo, I am enjoying time with my son again without constantly looking at him through tears thinking ‘will i ever see him grow up’?, partly through having had counselling but mainly I think just knowing exactly what my diagnosis is and what the treatment plan is. I really hope that you get good news on Thursday. But if it isn’t good, please know that it is highly unlikely to be worst case scenario that your mind goes to. Treatments are successful and in my case I can honestly say the side effects are minimal. Come back and let us know how it goes, or how you’re feeling in the meantime. The waiting is torture, hang on in there xx

I’ve been in your position.

Had a bruised like ache in my breast then early August noticed a small lump, was going away so ignored for three weeks, by the time i got to see the doctor to be referred slightly bigger.

The nurse at the doctors reassured me saying most lumps are not cancer.

Had appointment at hospital a week later, mammogram ultrasound and biopsy all in the space of one hour, consultant spoke to me and said they thought it probably was cancer but would see me in a week for results.  I didn’t feel anything at that point but numb.

Fast forward a week and it was confirmed, i am now due to start chemo this Friday with the hope of shrinking so a lumpectomy can be performed.

Hope you get a better outcome, but if you don’t you will go into survival mode and fight mode and deal with what comes your way.

Good luck and fingers crossed for you, please come back with some good news for us all. xx